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Got a Pratchett book yesterday. Me so pleased. A hardcover Monstrous Regiment, for only $9.95. Bargain price, I tell you. And an added bonus? The guy at the counter was really hot, and he apparently was also a Pratchett fan. And yes.

Sent more Christmas cards to people. Though, it's a little late, and I don't know how efficient Australia Post is when it gets to the busy Christmas period. Also, does anyone know if Christmas in Japan is a public hliday or not? I assume not, but maybe I'm wrong.

Was in this Chinese/Taiwanese shop. Found Pocky! Huzzah for Pocky! And also found Pretz, which I was addicted to. Didn't have any money left on me, however, so I have vowed to return to that shop and... get a lot of everything. They even had Pocky G, which is like, the granddaddy of all luxury Pocky.

Am currently looking up Winona Ryder pictures for more icons I don't need.

Yes. *stands up* Hullo everyone. My name is Jenni, and welcome to this IA meeting. IA stands for either Internetaholics Annonymous, or Iconaholics Annonymous. I, unfortunately, belong to both parties.

EDIT: Got [livejournal.com profile] hyelle_narmo's card. Whee! :D
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Sleep makes everything better. Woke up this morning feeling a lot happier than I was last night. Though right now, I'm sort of sick. I think it might've been the dumplings I had for lunch. Now I know that day-old lamb/chives dumplings are best left... not eaten. And it smells disgusting when it's thrown up, too...

EDIT TO ADD: I tried to send Kana (my buddy in Japan) an email, but it wouldn't work. Why must it hate me so? *Woe*
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I would like to take this oppotunity to say that I like pie. A lot.

Mmmmmmmm, pie...


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