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Y'know what else is fantabulously awesome about China? The mahjong. Ohhh, yes. And the fact that everyone lets me win :D It's great being the youngest.

Hehe. Watching the old episodes of Lost makes me think of what would happen if my plane had crshed on an obscure uncharted island off the shore of China. If, miraculously everyone survived like on Lost, there wouldn't be anyone hot walking around half naked, because of the weather. Everyone'll likely get frostbite within the first few hours, and our fingers and toes would drop off. Any shrapnel caught in our bodies would probably freeze. Provided that we find ways to survive the first few days, we'll probably be blown up by the N.Koreans using the island as nuclear target practice!

So, the moral of the story, hope that your plane never crash somewhere cold. Or near N.Korea.

I really need to watch some Chinese soapies. Or sleep. *has had about 5 hours of sleep in the last 36 hours*

On a slightly more serious note... )
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2 days until China. And v. cold weather. Wheee!

And. And. And.

Rewatching X-Men 2 gives me plot bunnies.

And. And. And.

Harry Potter is even better the second time around.

[Eta] My life is such a soapy. )


Nov. 20th, 2005 08:53 pm
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What Jenni plans on doing this summer holiday:

  • Watch non-English soapies. Like I don't do that enough normally. Ha.
  • Read traffic rules. Get learners.
  • Write something.
  • Play mah-jong with grandparents. [/China]
  • Make a Bunny moodtheme.
  • Read trashy magazines and bad romance novels.
  • Sort music collection.
  • Find an English-tutoring job. [/China]
  • Learn to cook better.
  • Make icons.
  • Read something intelligent. Like Lao-tzu. (Ha)
  • Draw.
  • Shop.

  • More to add as I think of them.
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    ...for anyone who wants mail from China? I promise to find the tackiest, most Chinese cards I can ;)

    Reply here if you would like one. Comments are screened.

    And, just a early notice- I'll be in the country from 8th of December to early Febuary, so I won't be able to get anyone's cards until I get back. Yessums.
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    I'm starting to starve myself - not intentionally, hell no - but I've just been really... not hungry for the past four days or so. Possibly it's the weather. Possibly I'm just weird.

    So the China-trip is a go-ahead, but Mum and I will have to get vaccinations, including Hep A & B - for whatever reason, I don't know, 'cause I'm pretty sure we're both vaccinated for them already - and it means a no-visit to my parental grandparents, since they live in the country and is surrounded by birds, as well as being dangerously close to a city that has reported outbreaks of bird-flu. We were just talking to them yesterday, and it turns out that the council actually gave them preventative medicine, but they wouldn't take it. Yeah, that's what I call good common sense, y'all. I just hope their immune systems are up to par.

    Also: eek. Graduation in 4 days. Five years of high school, leading up to this point in time; it hasn't quite sunk in yet.

    Also: currently obsessed with the Jane Austen font. It's lovely.


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