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And now I am into this song in a really big way. You'd think it would've come sooner – pretty Asian boys dancing, my lifeblood, etc – but alas.

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For one week, recommend / share:
→ Day 1: a song
→ Day 2: a picture
→ Day 3: a book/ebook/fanfic
→ Day 4: a site
→ Day 5: a youtube clip
→ Day 6: a quote
→ Day 7: whatever tickles your fancy

At first I didn't want to recommend another song for this week, because where is the variety? The spice! It's bog-standard and not changing anything up! But I am currently obsessed with this mash-up, and have it on repeat in Itunes, because it's that amazing.

Norwegian Recycling -- Viva la Viral

Song list and video hereunder. )
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Online Videos by Veoh.com

Need the background information? Get it here.

In other news, I am really craving me some cinnamon toast.
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Due to peer pressure/the band being continually flaunted in front of me, I've developed a liking for GLAY, and in the past few days have been glued to YouTube just devouring all the videos I could find and so am constantly in a state of *dies*, due to Takuro's skill of looking tremendous in leather pants. I CANNOT HELP IT IF I HAVE FANGIRL HARDWIRED INTO MY BRAIN.

And apparently you can't buy things from other country's Itunes stores? There is something wrong with this business model.

Also things like these really aren't helping with the whole *dying* situation.
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I hate dial-up internet, I really do.

And 97' Bonnie & Clyde by Tori Amos is officially the freakiest song I have ever heard in my life... I must be very sheltered.

Am getting lazy and don't particularly want to go to the year 12's graduation anymore...
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Am I over pedantic? Seriously.

Was just listening to The RZA's Ode to Oren Ishii, and the whole thing just annoyed me so much because they said 'Ishi', instead of 'Ishii' (the long 'i' sound).

And so if anyone saw me at that moment, they would have seen me sitting at the computer with my earphones on and flailing my arms like mad.

Yeah. I think I might have overreacted just a little bit...
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Thingymajig )

Was listening to the RotK OST, v. good. 'Steward of Gondor' in particular.

Thought that I should opt for some happy music, and am currently d/l Jolin Tsai.

(The Xmen RPG opens tomorrow! :)
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WooHoo! Just bought Life For Rent yesterday. It is pretty kickass. Favourite song at the moment: Mary's In India.

All family memebers have arrived for Chinese New Year, and my cousin and I will be cooking tonight. (But we won't be doing dishes, yay!)

My aunt bought me pants and a jumper, which are cool.

I really want to go to the movies to see Silver Hawk, which stars Michelle Yueng (from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and Richie Jen (Taiwanese singer, so so hot... :). Ahhhh.


~Random thought~ I'm thirsty. And I want to watch TV.


#7 days until school starts#
#8 days until I return to Brisbane#


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