Apr. 5th, 2011 02:06 pm
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I just started The Hunger Games yesterday, to see what the fuss is about, then I ended up staying up until about 2:30am reading it. I have ~80 pages left.

Today some casting decisions for the movie came out, and LJ (and I assume the general fandom) is in a huge uproar cos they all wanted Hunter Parrish as one of the characters. But as I adore him right now, can I just say, FUCK YEAH JOSH HUTCHERSON.
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Bananas are now $11.98 a kilo. I had a customer today who made a total D: face when he realised that his single banana was going to cost over $4.

And now a poll.

[Poll #1719925]
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2011 goal: 10,000 pages

8984 / 10000 pages. 89% done!

TitleAuthorGenrePagesDate fin.
The Other QueenPhilippa GregoryHistorical fiction448Jan
Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesSeth Grahame-SmithZombie/historical fiction319Jan
*Meng De Yi ShangQiong YaoRomance181Jan
*Han Yan CuiQiong YaoRomance298Jan
*Jin Zhan HuaQiong YaoRomance531Feb
*Ji Du Xi Yang HongQiong YaoRomance522Feb
*Xiu BangChen QingyunWuxia979Feb
*Xia Yi Jiang Hu LingDongfang YuWuxia784Feb
MausArt SpiegelmanGraphic novel/memoir296Mar
The Great GatsbyF. Scott FitzgeraldLiterature198Mar
Never Let Me GoKazuo IshiguroLiterature282Apr
The Hunger GamesSuzanne CollinsYoung adult454Apr
Catching FireSuzanne CollinsYoung adult472Apr
MockingjaySuzanne CollinsYoung adult455Apr
Slaughterhouse 5Kurt VonnegutScience fiction157May
Dead Until DarkCharlaine HarrisFantasy312July
A Game of ThronesGeorge R. R. MartinFantasy835Aug
Wishful DrinkingCarrie FisherMemoir163Aug
A Clash of KingsGeorge R. R. MartinFantasy1010Sept
BossypantsTina FeyMemoir288Oct

* = re-read
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For the longest time I thought Repo! The Genetic Opera was the Generic Opera and I thought, wow, what an interesting title. I feel I would've liked something like that way more than the actual movie. Anyway, dot points.

  • Am assignment-free for the tiniest of windows. Right now I feel like crawling into a little hole and hibernating, but, you know. Classes. I'm going to deem this Friday 'break day' and... are you sitting down?... go to a DVD store. Because while in almost all other areas of life I am the opposite, I'm clearly a masochist when it comes to my wallet.
  • I got the first episode of Romantically Challenged. I know full well it sounds awful, and it's probably going to get cancelled after its initial six episode run so really it's just setting me up for disappointment, but... Josh Lawson. I love that man. I've only ever seen him as himself on Thank God You're Here but he is absolutely outstanding (and younger than I always thought he was. An 80s baby? Crazy. He looked to me at least 30, and this was back in 2006). Although it has to be said that he is shocking at accents, so this experience should be interesting.
  • I preordered this. Good thing, too, since it's apparently sold out now. STOP JUDGING ME. (An email yesterday tells me it has shipped)
  • Ugly Betty ended ;___; While I enjoy that there is some... karmic throwback (no spoilers), I DON'T THINK THAT IS CLOSURE ENOUGH, WRITERS. SRSLY.
  • Beginning to develop a thing for BPAL, and already ruminating second order. Fairy Market, The Dormouse and Suspiro are all on my 5ml list, though not necessarily at the same time. I'll wait until my misplaced imps come and test them out before I actually put anything through. LOOK, RESTRAINT, I HAS IT.
  • Discovered that Mother is not as disgusting tasting as it sounds/looks. Still, won't go around making this a regular habit.
  • I have a couple of movies lined up to watch after catching up on Dr Who. What to pick, what to pick.
  • Apparently, I haven't finished reading a single book since February. And that's just sad. I blame my current material for being terrible and thus dragging me down (for reference: Twilight and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies).
  • I was on the TVTropes page for CPR Clean Pretty Reliable, and it as soon as I clicked on the tab, I said "haha oh Jack" to my computer screen. Oh Lost. I still need to catch up on you.
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    2010 goal: 10,000 pages

    8705 / 10000 pages. 87% done!

    TitleAuthorGenrePagesDate fin.
    Smoke and MirrorsNeil GaimanShort stories384Jan
    He's Just Not That Into YouGreg Behrendt, Liz TuccilloSelf-help228Jan
    *Warriors of AlavnaN. M. BrowneFantasy308Jan
    The Bell JarSylvia PlathSemi-autobiography234Jan
    Warriors of CamlannN. M. BrowneFantasy400Jan
    Warriors of EthandunN. M. BrowneFantasy372Jan
    Rosie Little's Cautionary Tales for GirlsDanielle WoodModern fairytales260Feb
    Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little LifeBryan Lee O'MalleyComic book168May
    TwilightStephanie MeyerRomance/Fantasy/YA434May
    Scott Pilgrim's vs. The WorldBryan Lee O'MalleyComic book200June
    Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite SadnessBryan Lee O'MalleyComic book192June
    The Boy in the Striped PyjamasJohn BoyneChildren's/Literature216June
    Scott Pilgrim Gets It TogetherBryan Lee O'MalleyComic book216June
    Burma ChroniclesGuy DelisleTravelogue/comic book208June
    *The Smiling, Proud WandererLouis ChaWuxia1903June
    Scott Pilgrim vs. the UniverseBryan Lee O'MalleyComic book184July
    Fragile ThingsNeil GaimanShort stories collection440July
    *Casting Couch ConfidentialBessie Bardot and Geoff BarkerVain autobiographical trash349August
    Scott Pilgrim's Finest HourBryan Lee O'MalleyComic book245August
    The Handmaid's TaleMargaret AtwoodScience/speculative fiction324October
    On Chesil BeachIan McEwanLiterature166October
    The Book ThiefMarkus ZusakLiterature583November
    *Harry Potter and the Philosopher's StoneJ. K. RowlingChildren's lit223December
    *Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsJ. K. RowlingChildren's lit251December
    *Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanJ. K. RowlingChildren's lit317December

    * = re-read

    To read
    Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke
    The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory
    Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt
    The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
    Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama
    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Graham-Smith and Jane Austen
    The Almost Noon by Alice Sebold
    Castle in the Air by Diana Wynne Jones
    House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones
    Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
    Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman
    ... and some more.
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    "- Rumi, Iqbal, Mirza Ghalib, and a fourth fellow whose name I always forget."

    Looooooooooool [ profile] brisneyland drama.

    Anyway, moving on, because I in no way derive joy from that sort of thing, nope.

    For one week, recommend / share:
    → Day 1: a song
    → Day 2: a picture
    → Day 3: a book/ebook/fanfic
    → Day 4: a site
    → Day 5: a youtube clip
    → Day 6: a quote
    → Day 7: whatever tickles your fancy

    Honestly, I'm a little bit stuck on this one. Lately all the fics I read have been Speed Racer ([ profile] oxymoronic has some excellent ones), yes, it's a disease/I am terrible etc. Got directed to atrata's heartbreaking The Princess Bride fic via [ profile] newredshoes a while back, and I thought it was definitely worth a mention, because even though it is heartbreaking, it's truly fantastic, and you should read it if you haven't already.

    My book list was not all that big of a help, because a lot of the ones on there are critically acclaimed (thank you, English lit course), and they really don't need me to laud their virtues when dozens and dozens of reviews have done it already. I am currently writing an essay on The White Tiger 200... more... words, however, and I can attest to the richness of that novel, especially if you're keen on dissecting its themes from a colonial standpoint. The quote up the top there is from that book. I lol'd.

    Perusing my list, though, I did spot one that was fairly obscure, one that I'm sure not a lot of people have heard of - Pyongyang, by Guy Delisle. I first spotted this book at Borders a few years ago, but it disappeared off the shelf (nicely done, stranger who bought it. Nicely done) and it apparently didn't occur to me to look elsewhere. Say, a comic shop. Because it's a comic.

    The next time I spotted it was on [ profile] ittykat's shelf, and I pretty much immediately snatched it up. Now I have my own copy, and have been trying to flog it to Dad, to no avail, because he doesn't read. The subject is interesting – it documents the author's time spent in Pyongyang for work, and his various misadventures. It's nonjudgmental, and not at all politically skewered, just one man's experience in one of the most secluded countries in the world. The art is simple but incredibly charming, and I really enjoyed the matter-of-fact way events are presented, with (as far as I know), little embellishment.

    Related, but not as compelling as Pyongyang was, is Delisle's Shenzhen, A Travelogue from China. I also would love to get my hands on Burma Chronicles, and will definitely be keeping an eye out next time I'm at the comic store.

    I feel like I may be in need of a more book-y reading icon.

    The List

    Jun. 13th, 2009 09:12 pm
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    Some things on my shelf that I need to read/watch at one point. I have a habit of buying things, I realise that. Hooboy.

    In alphabetical order: DVDs )

    In no particular order: Books )

    In other news, the new MacBook Pro is out. As far as I can tell, the 13-inch version has exactly the same specs and features (with an additional SD card slot) as my machine, the only difference being that it is about $200 cheaper. Sigh, whatever, I'm moving on... onto saving for a decent camera, for one.


    Aug. 22nd, 2008 02:50 pm
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    I think I have a new life plan: visit all of the cities that have hosted the Summer Olympics (four down, 19 to go). Starting with Sydney and Melbourne. Because it's really sad that even though I live in the country, I've not ever really been outside of Brisbane (not counting Ipswich and the Coast/s). Well, except to Toowoomba, and this place on the QLD/NSW border called Yamba, where we fished illegally for a little while but let most of them go.

    Last night I finished reading Lolita finally omfg. And I will start a book list once I am less lazy. Next up, The Songs of A Sentimental Bloke by C.J. Dennis. Considering this came from the library, I can only hope that it doesn't take me nine months to finish it.
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    Finished Thief of Time and The Girl Most Likely on the weekend. Am now bored out of my head, because I have nothing else to read that I haven't read before. The Girl Most Likely was kind of similar to Bridget Jones', in that it was one of those traditional feel-good, discover-yourself, get-guy, find-happiness sort of thing. It even had the gay best friend, and a Hugh Grant lookalike love interest. His name was Matthew Harding and even though the author explicitly tries to drill home the fact that he looked like Hugh Grant, I still envisioned him as Ian Somerhalder. A positive sign of obsession, methinks.

    Had a dream about Japan last night. Actually, I've been having frequent dreams about Japan. Maybe my subconsciousness is trying to tell me something.

    Jenni's subconsciousness: Jeeeeennnnni! Jeeeeeennnnni! Yoooooouuu miiiisss Jaaaapppppaaaan, doooooonnnn't yoooooouu? Yoooooouuuuu waaaaaannt tooooo goooo baaaacccck tooooo Jaaaaapppaaannn, doooooonnnn't yoooooouuuu? Yeeeeeessss, preeeeeciiiious.


    +Random fact: my toes are cold, and I know almost all of the prime numbers within 100+
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    I know the title of the sixth Harry Potter book!



    How to find it )

    SPOILER! The title )

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    SQUEE! I got through the door on the JKRowling website!

    Not much to see, granted, but still.

    Spiffy icon by kagome =)(but not actually the 'kagome' on LJ o.O)
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    I really feel like doing nothing, but that's probably not a smart thing.

    *Block exams loom*


    In other news I've applied for a Xmen RPG today! Wheeee! Now I might be able to get rid of my 'RP virgin' status.

    Started reading The Last Continent, laughed and nearly chocked on Maltesers. Thought about how sad it would be to die choking on Maltesers, so I stopped eating them.

    *Prances off to create a user for my RP character*

    Boo yeah!

    Apr. 13th, 2004 11:35 am
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    WOW! I just read the interview with JKR... so many revelations! Who would've thought that Remus was a half-blood, and that Ron's middle name is 'Bilius' *smirks*...

    CLICK ME!!!


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