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Dear Yuletide author,

This is a placeholder! I will have my letter up very soon :)

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Dear Yuletide Santa,

Welcome to my letter of questionable helpfulness! I was just rereading the things I put in last year's, and it basically amounted to – "I like stuff :D", and this year's is probably not going to be any different. I am similarly excited for my story, that's for sure!

First off, just some general things! I love character studies of any kind, I love realism, I love banter, I love platonic relationships, but of course, shippy would not go amiss, in the right situations! Bromance, fights, hurt/comfort and mantears pushes my buttons like you wouldn't believe. I am such a sucker for happy endings, however, there is a special place in my heart for things that rip out my heart and trod all over it :D

Speed Racer, Rex Racer/Racer X, Speed Racer, Inspector Detector
Rex/X is my absolute favourite, and anything involving him I would lap up eagerly! I love his relationship with Speed and the Inspector in the movie, but there were some very rigidly defined identities at work – some further exploration of how the X + Speed and Rex + the Inspector dynamics work would be delicious. If possible, I'd love to avoid Racercest here – the familial love and the bromance is most interesting to me!

Ace Attorney, Maya Fey, Phoenix Wright
Oh Maya, how I have missed her. Possibly because of the lack of Feys in Apollo Justice, I haven't managed to finish that game :( (Hobo Nick was my favourite thing about it, as previously mentioned). I'd always wondered where Maya was during that time, though, given their closeness, where she was when Nick really needed someone, with the disbarring and Trudy and everything. Fill the gaps for me? :)

Nick/Maya has been a longstanding but always-unfulfilled OTP of mine, but on the other hand, gosh, their friendship is such that I wouldn't mind that part staying unfulfilled a little longer!

Ugly Betty, Betty Suarez, Daniel Meade
The cancellation of this show broke my heart. I loved that... karmic callback, I guess you could call it, of the finale, but it left me wanting. I wanted to see a successful, mature Betty interacting with the new and old people in her life. I wanted to see her relationship with Daniel reach a satisfying point for both of them. It felt unfinished, and I'd love to see some kind of continuation!

Of course, these are mere suggestions – any fic in any of these fandoms would make me beyond happy, and thank you in advance for the story you are about to write!

♥ Jenni


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