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I will never pay attention to Chinese news ever again.

It has a format, that basically goes, "Person A, one of the leaders of the country/city/province has visited Place B today, in attendance for Event C. Person A encourages/condemns Action D, and makes comments" for half an hour. The most informative piece of information I get from it is the weather.

Really, these people should just keep blogs so we can check their itinery if we want, and leave the news free for more important stuff. I have no idea what the hell is going on in the rest of the world. I think I will go read Google News now.

I really pity Chinese journalists.

And I'm still sick. So I am seeking sympathy ;)
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You have a total of 58 friends
You requested to guess 58 entries.
3 were skipped due to invalid content (surprising?).
You made 55 guesses.
You got 50 correct.
Doing the math for you, that means you got 90% correct
Guess that Friend

Go me.

Well. It's really hot. And mozzy bites are totally annoying. And itchy. Ouch.

I need a Sandman icon.

And I still think it's stupid how they changed artists right in the middle of an arc for Uncanny X-Men. I mean, I have nothing against Chris Bachalo, but he makes Brian Braddock look like a grumpy Wolverine, what with the chin and all. And the Death. Ohhh man. I never knew her well, but I liked her nonetheless. Le sigh. Rest in peace. Just hope the revolving door of death isn't going to come into play with this one, it'll just lessen the impact and make it seem cheap.

Had a dream last night. [livejournal.com profile] animadverted grew a beard and everyone got paid to RP. I was like, yes! But then I woke up. Speaking of, I should probably post for Warren. Otherwise Kathy and/or Piper will eat my babies. Or soul, if I don't have babies.

Eta: XD
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So. QTAC has finally been lodged. Who knew that such a small thing could be so stressful? Firefox screwed up on me just as the applet loaded, and I kept on thinking that IE was going to cark it too, but it didn't, and everything's good now.

So. Here are my preferences:

1. [711001]B. Commerce/ B. Journalism (dual degree) -- UQ
2. [709001]B. Business Management/ B. Journalism (dual degree) -- UQ
3. [409182]B. Creative Industries (Media and Communication)/ B. Business (Advertising, International Business or Public Relations) (dual degree) -- QUT
4. [227402]B. Laws/ B. Arts (dual degree) -- GU
5. [707001]B. Arts -- UQ
6. [226112]B. Arts -- GU

Dad's packing to go to Perth. Sounds like fun.


Sep. 20th, 2005 09:34 am
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I've decided that wireless is like, great, and like, wonderful, and UQ is fantastic for wireless, like, and it's great having a Dad that's part of the school so that I can use his passwords and stuff, but why, why oh why is there a friggin' DOWNLOAD LIMIT OF 300MB PER MONTH on friggin' wireless?! It's like give a caged bird a taste of freedom and locking it back up again. There goes my plans of uploading my soundtracks. Hmph.

Oh, and I just found out yesterday that I am not going to China on the night of graduation, so everyone can all try to get me pissed without fear of the consequences.

Oh, and the wireless seems to hate any sort of IM services, so AIM's not working. Maybe I should try Express.

Edit: Hrm. Well. AIM Express isn't working either. Bugger it.
Eta: Peanut Butter Kit Kats. Better than sex.
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Well. I was ranting to [livejournal.com profile] animadverted this morning about how LJ is always conveniently here for everyone’s complaining purposes, so I think I’ll do just that today.

Cut for excessive whining and icky girly bits. )

Kathy’s little planned Riverfire outing is on Saturday. Totally looking forward to it. If the rentals say no I’ll reason with them like an adult. If they still say no I’ll throw a tantrum. If they want to tag along, then so be it.
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I want this now, damn it >.<

And House of M #2 looks totally awesome.

And I need to get Uncanny X-Men #461, because a) sake of continuity, b) X-babies! Yeah.

Little kids are totally annoying.

And I'm apparently a Hufflepuff now. Go me.
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Some internets sprint. Some internets jog. Some internets walk at a leisurely pace with the odd bursts of speed. My internet? Hobbles. That's right, it usually hobbles along merrily until something reduces it to a crawl.

I am downloading a song at the transfer rate of 1.0252363kbs/sec, while simultaneously trying to upload for three different people on Limewire. One of these files is the music video for Shinhwa's Angel, coming in at around 25mb, with a transfer rate of 0.somethingkbs/sec. It is predicted to take around 23 hours 40 minutes and 20 seconds, the last time I looked.

Oh look, the person just cancelled on it.

Whoop. She/he is back now.

Well. At least my song's finished.

[livejournal.com profile] sorting_elite made me realise how much I liked hearing compliments. Seriously. Some of these comments are a huge boost to my ego. Currently, Hufflepuff votes are taking the lead, Gryffindor second, and quite a lot of squibbing, too. Oh well.

I'm off to get sunflower seeds now.


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