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For the longest time I thought Repo! The Genetic Opera was the Generic Opera and I thought, wow, what an interesting title. I feel I would've liked something like that way more than the actual movie. Anyway, dot points.

  • Am assignment-free for the tiniest of windows. Right now I feel like crawling into a little hole and hibernating, but, you know. Classes. I'm going to deem this Friday 'break day' and... are you sitting down?... go to a DVD store. Because while in almost all other areas of life I am the opposite, I'm clearly a masochist when it comes to my wallet.
  • I got the first episode of Romantically Challenged. I know full well it sounds awful, and it's probably going to get cancelled after its initial six episode run so really it's just setting me up for disappointment, but... Josh Lawson. I love that man. I've only ever seen him as himself on Thank God You're Here but he is absolutely outstanding (and younger than I always thought he was. An 80s baby? Crazy. He looked to me at least 30, and this was back in 2006). Although it has to be said that he is shocking at accents, so this experience should be interesting.
  • I preordered this. Good thing, too, since it's apparently sold out now. STOP JUDGING ME. (An email yesterday tells me it has shipped)
  • Ugly Betty ended ;___; While I enjoy that there is some... karmic throwback (no spoilers), I DON'T THINK THAT IS CLOSURE ENOUGH, WRITERS. SRSLY.
  • Beginning to develop a thing for BPAL, and already ruminating second order. Fairy Market, The Dormouse and Suspiro are all on my 5ml list, though not necessarily at the same time. I'll wait until my misplaced imps come and test them out before I actually put anything through. LOOK, RESTRAINT, I HAS IT.
  • Discovered that Mother is not as disgusting tasting as it sounds/looks. Still, won't go around making this a regular habit.
  • I have a couple of movies lined up to watch after catching up on Dr Who. What to pick, what to pick.
  • Apparently, I haven't finished reading a single book since February. And that's just sad. I blame my current material for being terrible and thus dragging me down (for reference: Twilight and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies).
  • I was on the TVTropes page for CPR Clean Pretty Reliable, and it as soon as I clicked on the tab, I said "haha oh Jack" to my computer screen. Oh Lost. I still need to catch up on you.
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    Cut for boring. )

    Positive note: I will enjoy studying for this next exam because basically I just have to read. It's pretty awesome.

    Positive note #2:

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    Matthew Mitcham, you stud!

    It was so fabulous watching him dive, and the look on his face after seeing the scores, man, priceless. I do feel a little sad for the Chinese team, though, because they might never get a chance like this again, on the home turf. But! As long as we're keeping it within the two countries I'm rooting for, any result is a-okay :D

    Unrelatedly, Journalism in Sound: for giving me a decent mark on my first assignment, I've decided I don't necessarily hate you as much. Thank you and bye, may we never meet again after November.
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    Seriously. I put five tablespoons of coffee into that cup and it's not working yet.

    Anyway, for those who missed my last post with the poll, I'd really appreciate it if you could make a slight detour and take a look, fill it out, maybe leave me a comment with your take on the matter? I just need a couple more people to do that, especially if you're a boy/man/person of the male persuasion!

    The assignment's coming along okay, I'm jotting down my thoughts as I go, and reading back, I sound like some sort of fat harpy complaining about stupid Western culture beauty standards. Suppose that's kinda true.

    To add! Heroes meme: apparently I am a hot, cop-loving man. )
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    Hi! I am doing a survey on how the media affects body image for an university assginment, and I'd appreciate it if you guys could take some time to fill it out. 15 questions- it won't take too long, and you are absolutely welcome to complete the poll anonymously. Your answers will only be seen by one person, kept completely confidential, and will not be used elsewhere.

    The poll is now closed. Huge thank yous to everyone who responded!

    [Poll #1073227]

    Please feel free to elaborate on anything in a comment; they are all screened and are only visible to me.

    Thank you!

    to add. My email is mundane.puppet@gmail.com should anyone need it for whatever reason.
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    Exam times for my own reference. )

    Dad's off again, for a week this time, some presentation or other in North Queensland. Whatever.

    I learnt a valuable lesson today: never brush your hair while you have dangly earrings on. It just doesn't work, and your earlobe will hate you afterwards. Protect those earlobes, kiddos! They exist for a reason.

    Also, I feel like I should be doing something productive with my time, but I'm feeling too restless to just sit down and tackle an assignment. These weeks are going by awfully quickly :/
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    I find it sad that I'm already preemptively spending my tax return in my head. This is what happens when you don't have a disposable income to blow on comics and DVDs.

    We've run out of tea at home, so I am instead coffeeing my way through the day.

    It's the third week of uni already. Time does fly! Assignments are sort of looming in the horizon, just out of sight, but you know they're there. My Marketing textbook is still in its wrappings- this should be remedied sometime soon.


    Jun. 16th, 2007 04:38 pm
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    They be done.

    So now I be all happy and shit.

    Expect fic, icons, and a musicspam soon.
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    Head, meet keyboard. Thank you and good night. )

    In other news, Deadwood's pilot is really awesome and the box that it came in is so gorgeous I wish my future spouse would look like that.

    I also finished reading Kafka on The Shore, and have mixed emotions about it. I don't really want to comment on the book just yet, so you guys should help me decide which book to read next.

    [Poll #999944]
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    Microeconomics is actually really interesting, something that never fails to surprise me. It raises a couple of very good questions, especially when it comes into conflict with other things. Such as morals and common sense. Well, not so much the common sense, because apparently economics is more common-sensical than most things out there- and certainly more so than accounting!- and more people need to think like economists.

    For example, if we're to believe that we should let economic systems govern themselves (i.e. the invisible hand, a theory pioneered by Adam Smith but apparently described in great detail by a Chinese historian 300 years before Smith came up with it), then all this nonsense about the government restricting the sale of human body parts should just be scrapped. It makes sense from an economic point of view, of course, but this is something that is just... fundamentally wrong in society, regardless of supply (currently 0. Legally, anyway) and demand (very high).

    I love this sort of stuff.

    Have you met my daemon? His name is Gerald Butle- I mean Leonidas. )
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    These things keep on happening to me lately.

    First the job email, and today, first the lecturer for ECON1010 was half an hour late, then during the break about 100 people started to pour in, because apparently UQ screwed something up with the rooming and the lecture theatre was double booked and our economics lecture didn't actually exist omg. So it was called a day and everyone went home early.

    Less awesomely, I managed to spoil myself massively for HDM when I was trawling for promo photos of the film. Well. I dunno if it can be considered massively, but it was devastating at the time k. And I normally don't give a crap about spoilers, so it be sucking a-plenty.

    eta. some guy is blowing his nose really loudly and the sound is just utterly terrifying.
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    Okay. So. Thursday looks a lot closer from this side of the weekend.

    Oh, there's no problems with finishing this on time, it's more of the COMPLETE AND TOTAL LACK OF QUALITY that has me slightly concerned. Don't mind me. I'm disappearing now.

    This [livejournal.com profile] iharthdarth moodtheme can always make me laugh.
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    I've decided that I love Time magazine. It's got all this information on its website, and saves me the time and effort to email people about rate cards and all this rubbish.

    A week and a bit to go.


    eta. Aaand I just remembered about that econ1010 exam next Tuesday. Leave me alone, life.
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    I have no mid-semesters!

    And only three end of semester exams!

    This revelation makes me happy.

    Ah, UQ.

    Feb. 21st, 2007 04:46 pm
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    This is what you would see if you were a day late in signing onto a tutorial for ECON1010 (Introductory Microeconomics). )

    I think that's all kinds of insane.
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    So. I have returned to Brisneyland!

    Uno ; uni. )

    Dos ; non-rl.
    Did lots of things today, the most prominent of all was probably squeeing lots at Heroes, and contemplating my lack of Winchester brother pictures on my laptop. Uploading icons was totally fun. Maybe one day I will make a poll of something.

    Tres ; a pimpage.
    [livejournal.com profile] thenip[livejournal.com profile] thenip[livejournal.com profile] thenip[livejournal.com profile] thenip[livejournal.com profile] thenip
    It's going to be fun, mates.
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    ...is it just me, or are the PostSecrets images not loading?

    Assignment of Doom has come to its eventual yet rightful conclusion. About bloody time. Jenni is surprisingly awake, but suspects that this may change.


    Dear A of D,

    Let us never speak of you again.

    No love,


    eta 2. )
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    If it doesn't work properly tomorrow I will have to smash things to little pieces. And then ground the little pieces to dust. And then burn the dust. And then feed whatever's left after that to am emu. And then burn its poo.

    Finally making a decision. )

    Rock, man

    Apr. 7th, 2006 09:07 am
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    *does silly dance*

    It works! It works! :D :D :D :D

    The instructions were confusing. I mean, FTP, what the hell? You don't need to go through that! They should just tell people "Copy and paste all your files into your public_html folder. And you're done. And we're stupid."

    Anyway. It's here, if anyone's interested. You can only see it from UQ computers though. I'm well on my way to the height of geekdom.

    For anyone who is confused right now- this is my assignment for MGTS1201. I made an X-Men fansite, pseudo-mutant organiation style.
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    *first assignment back*

    80%, which is nearly a 6 >.>

    Referencing is such a hassle.

    EDIT: Okay, so I am apparently a spaz. As Joey pointed out, 80% is a 6.

    AND TO ADD: Who wants to come see RENT with me this Saturday at 2pm? At the Schonell, and there should be tickets being sold at the door.


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