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It's 12:01am, and I'm surrounded by empty Ferrero Rocher wrappers, and listening to the weepy soapy mum and dad are watching in the other room. Tres cool.

Got [livejournal.com profile] livingonbourbon's card today, since AusPost has come off their holiday. It's fantastic, yo, thank you!

Christmas sales are the best.

Dad: whoever invented retail therapy should be shot.
Mum: I think they should be thanked.
Me: by women and podiatrists all around the world.

Ian Somerhalder is hot, I am sleepy, and Terry Pratchett is love.

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  • Jamie Cullum is love. Must get this CD. Must must must.
  • Never drink tea when it's really really hot. I speak from experience earned about, oh, 10 minutes ago.
  • Dad's getting a laptop. He's also getting a new USB drive. We'll be using the two between us. Rawk!
  • AIM is greatness beyond great.
  • The England plot is... wow. Awesomosity.
  • My Dad makes surprisingly delicious noodles.
  • A friend of mine just got his OP results back. Lets just say that it's the result that I would like to get next year to get into the course I want.
  • And, yeah.
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    Got a Pratchett book yesterday. Me so pleased. A hardcover Monstrous Regiment, for only $9.95. Bargain price, I tell you. And an added bonus? The guy at the counter was really hot, and he apparently was also a Pratchett fan. And yes.

    Sent more Christmas cards to people. Though, it's a little late, and I don't know how efficient Australia Post is when it gets to the busy Christmas period. Also, does anyone know if Christmas in Japan is a public hliday or not? I assume not, but maybe I'm wrong.

    Was in this Chinese/Taiwanese shop. Found Pocky! Huzzah for Pocky! And also found Pretz, which I was addicted to. Didn't have any money left on me, however, so I have vowed to return to that shop and... get a lot of everything. They even had Pocky G, which is like, the granddaddy of all luxury Pocky.

    Am currently looking up Winona Ryder pictures for more icons I don't need.

    Yes. *stands up* Hullo everyone. My name is Jenni, and welcome to this IA meeting. IA stands for either Internetaholics Annonymous, or Iconaholics Annonymous. I, unfortunately, belong to both parties.

    EDIT: Got [livejournal.com profile] hyelle_narmo's card. Whee! :D
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    I need socks. My toes are freezing.

    I need to write XMas cards to people.

    I need to stop making icons, otherwise I'll go mad. If I do, I blame everything on GJ. So, if I do end up in a mental asylum, you'll know who to sue.

    I need sleep.

    I need water... no, wait, too late. My throat just died.

    I need to stop complaining.


    EDIT: It seems like Brisbane turned into Melbourne and no one told me. It was fantastically sunny this morning, and absolutely sweltering, then about two hours ago it started to pour, with thunder and lightning and all, and now it's devastatingly sunny again.

    Stupid weather.
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    Did I miss something? Because suddenly it seems like monsson season in a place where you don't get monsoon seasons. Melbourne had flash flooding (from the news), and Brisbane river looks like it might overflow soon too. For the second day in a row my feet are cold and wet. Maybe I should start to wear socks. Now there's a thought!

    In other news, I got [livejournal.com profile] cajun_chick411's Christmas card yesterday! Whee! More snail mail!

    Mum: look, a letter for you.
    Me: *unsuspecting* Hmmmmmm?
    Mum: and it's wet. Is it from Japan?
    Me: lemme see. Oh. It is wet. *upon further inspection* Whee! It's from Piper!
    Mum: who's Piper? Is it from Japan?
    Me: no, Piper's a friend from America.
    Mum: *suspicious* is it a boy?
    Me: er. Not really, no. *prances off to my room*
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    I. Want. A. Mark. Darcy.

    The end.

    Actually, not quite the end, because there are several things I feel like saying before the end.

    One of them, is that I am quite pleased about my report card, which I had just gotten today. Not my best results by a long shot, but still good enough.

    Another one is that my new glasses no longer make me look like a female version of Clark Kent. I'm sure that somewhere, very deep down, I am completely devastated about not looking like a female version of Superman's alter ego, but, hey, it's very deep down, I can squash it.


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