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Merry Christmas everyone.

Will be enjoying a sort of on again/off again relationship with the internet until early/mid Jan. And reading lots. And not RPing. And cursing my internet sevice provider to hell and back. And, yeah.

In the festive mood? Liking your Christmas? Don't click here. )

Have sent everyone SMS greetings, before remembering that a lot of these people had gone overseas. Um. I'm just going to go and finish off my chocolate now.
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I nearly fell into a fountain. Really. I would be eternally in debt to the lady who pulled my shirt just in time, expect for two small details.

1)The lady is my mother;
2)It was her who pushed me in the first place.

And icons for [livejournal.com profile] ittykat. Here be icons. You could tell that I had an Exiles comic on hand. )

One icon for [livejournal.com profile] sunfish60669 too: DOO DOO DOO.

And that is my contribution for the day.
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Right. A sum of what I did in school today.

P1: Maths. Was supposed to be doing questions sheet, instead getting distracted by a)conversation that was carrying on around me, b)my calculator- more importantly, what Rosaleen punched into my calculator... I'll get her one day..., c)Shinhwa, and SMAP.

Yes, I was fiddling with Amanda's MP3 player and found a Shinhwa song. And so I had to listen to it, 'cause, you know... so I did. And we started to talk about Shinhwa, and Amanda said that the only person she knows is Minwoo. I was like '!'. And we kep on talking about Korean things, and how Shinhwa was like NSYNC, but better, because they were Korean. And then we talked about Yon-sama, then moved on to SMAP, and then Kimutaku, and then Takeshi Kaneshiro, and then Jay Chou, and then Andy Lau.

And that's how I wasted first period.

P2: Economics. Did a very very very small amount of work, then we started to draw on the desks. There were several things to occupy us. 1)Knots&Crosses. Fundamental, but still fun, 2)drawing degrading pictures of the PM, with his signature eyebrows, and a little sign besides him that says "PM phone Rove!", 3)making little cartoon thingies to fit what the teacher was talking about i.e. hidden unemployment.

And thus, second period was gone.

P3: Chemistry. We never do real work in Chemistry, anyway, and I think I'm a bad influence on Shelly, because I always distract her, because I'll be singing Lion King songs, and Shelly would not be able to help herself joining in.

It's completely understandable, of course, Hakuna Matata is the most kickass song ever.

And with that, third period was over.

P4: Logic. Finite Worlds. Rachel remarked that it sounded like a Terry Pratchett book, which just set us off. I can't even remember what we were talking about. But I do remember it was something to do with Dumbledore's beard and how Tom Felton is extremely hot and how Alan Rickman was better looking in Sense and Sensibility than as Snape. And how Daniel Radcliffe is such a midget, and how the books are so much better than the movies.

Amy asked me to do the crab impression. I didn't do it. Well, okay, I did, but it was in slow motion, so that didn't count. And no one else saw it. Except... 6 people. And they don't count.
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You know the feeling you get right after you laugh really hard? Like you'll never see/hear/say anything that funny again that you calm down really quickly and nothing else will get you to smile?

Well that's how I'm feeling right now, because I was reading something, and then laughed so hard that I am strangely calm right now. And I can't even remember what I was laughing at.

Went to the local newsagents in the arvo to see if they sold any comics. They didn't. Well, they did, but not the X-Men ones I was after. But still, Archie is cool. I remember reading Archie comics when I was 6. I loved them. Veronica was the best.

Had a weird dream last night I couldn't remember. I think I was reading other people's minds. But it could've been something else completely, like all communists getting killed by pigs and eating ping pong balls or something.

Forest Gump is the best movie. "I'm Forest, Forest Gump."

And I wanted Jay Chou's new album... wahhhhhh.

#2 days until Japan! [insert incoherent SQUEEing noises]#


Aug. 12th, 2004 09:48 am
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Well. Ekka was kinda fun. Should’ve checked out the showbags on the newspaper, though, ‘cause there wasn’t time to browse for one that I liked. In the end I settled for the Freddo one. Mmmmm, chocolate…

And then went to play games. You know the ones that are impossible to win at? Yeah, them ones. Got two ‘consolation prizes’. But I really wanted that cow-over-the-moon plushie. Or flamasaurus, whichever.

And after that… came the work. My leg is still sore. But actually it was quite fun. Especially the creaming. I had this urge just to point the cream gun in my mouth and squirt. That would’ve been great.

Got off 40 minutes before we were supposed to, because relief came in the form of more teachers/staff.

Saw Kevin with a flamasaurus plushie, and was jealous, but couldn’t really do anything, because he had an inflatable mallet.

Went home at about 7-ish. Tired.

And, yeah.

2 days until the Olympics.[/random]
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Well. First week of school=over. I have somehow acquired numerous blisters on the soles of my feet, and they are very painful. No I have to walk weirdly with my feet at strange angles to each other.

Yuki sensei (the Japanese teacher from Japan) is leaving next Friday, so we’re going to have a party thingy for her. And Kathy is going to miss her because SHE WON’T BE BACK ON FRIDAY. If Kathy is reading this, COME BACK NOW!!!!


Report cards are coming on Monday, which is good, because then I don’t have to worry about it until that time. But I know all my marks already anyway. And they are quite possibly the worse marks I’ve ever gotten.

Which is not very comforting, and I should be doing my homework right now but I’m easily distracted and… yeah…

I think I’ll go and wallow in my bad marks.

Was Amanda’s Birthday yesterday. And just in case she’s reading this (which she most likely won’t be), HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

That will be all.
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In case I didn't tell everyone already, it's my birthday tomorrow.

In celebration, I will change my avatar.

Yes. I think I'll do that.
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Am going to dinner with mum's friend tonight. I know I'm going to be bored to death, I just know it.

In other news, dad's boss sponsered me for the 40 hour famine. He was going to give me $20, but changed his mind and gave me $5 instead.

Tomorrow is a public holiday! Yay!

Days until my birthday: 5
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Got up at 8am to got to mum’s friend’s place for a little housewarming thing.

For the first 3 hours it was just me sitting amongst the adults making polite small talk and being awkward. Then came a kid from the same school as me, and there was much maths teacher bashing.

At lunch the older people decided to stop kareokeing and eat. So Meng (kid from school) and I took over the TV and watched Pirates of The Caribbean while the adults finished eating and started playing something suspiciously like Blackjack, but was not…

Then Meng, her sister and I all had a go on the trampoline in the backyard and perved on some half naked guys in the neighbouring yard. We decided that they weren’t cute enough to continue perving, so we went back inside and listened to ABBA.

A while later mum’s friend’s son (who has a mental medical condition) came downstairs from his room and started to scream continuously, therefore resulted in awkward silences and hasty departures of many of the guests.

Half an hour later we left for Indooroopilly and bought some marshmallows and lip balm (which I later discovered to be very foul tasting).

We went home and watched a movie, where I laughed at the main female character’s oh-so-obvious sexual deprivation, shag-me-I’m-a-virgin attitude towards the oblivious main male character.

Then I scoffed down half a black of chocolate.

The weekend was all right. I just think it’s sad that mum has a life enough for me and dad, and still have plenty left over for herself. Whereas dad and I haven’t got lives to speak of whatsoever.

I think I’ll polish off that other half block of chocolate and wallow in my no-lifedness.

*Eats and wallows*
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Forced to go to a picnic/BBQ with mum’s friends. So I sat around and listened to my discman. Mum’s friend’s brother invited me to go paddling with him. Wasn’t fun, because we were talking about superannuation. I picked up a plastic bag from the lake to avoid the strangulation of birds. Felt proud of myself.

The paddling was very exercising because Peter (mum’s friend’s brother) was lazy and I was the one who did the paddling, the steering, and most of the explanations about superannuation.

Later I had an egg sandwich. It tasted nice.

Then I played with a stray dog and fed some fish.

Listen to my discman some more and read half a newspaper before we went home.
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Went to the coast and wasted a day running around the beach with a 6 year old brat, who insisted that I get my feet wet and splash about like an idiot in the water.

Felt silly.

Got home and watched Sinbad.
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Slept in! Yay!

Got woken up at about 10am, and got dragged to one of mum’s friend’s place for lunch.

Was happy that the aforementioned friend decided to give me some of her daughter’s books.

Was deflated somewhat when I learnt that the books where mostly past maths competition questions (though there was a CLAMP manga in there somewhere, as well as a NSYNC CD…)

Went to dad’s office later and burnt a CD for mum’s friend. Updated LJ and browsed forums. Joined a guild on Neopets.

Returned home and had dinner. Proceeded to listen to the newly acquired NSYNC CD. Felt silly so I listened to Jessica Simpson instead. Felt even sillier so I gave up listening to music and watched the last 20 minutes of Flinstones in Las Vegas.
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Doing- nothing in particular... (Flaming people. Newbies think they're so great.)

Wearing- PJs, and school jumper. Mmmmm, warmth...

Reading- The Evil Bride by adromir. It's a LotR fic.

Listening- Amnesiac- Radiohead

D/L- graphics driver thingimajig

Feeling- full. Dinner was great

Craving- sex. No, not really. Strawberries would be nice.

#Random fact- specific gravity is a comparison of the density of a substance with the density of a reference substance, usually at the same temperature.#
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Spiffy new user pic by wastedfairy. Ain't it funny?

So! Nothing interesting have happend so far this week. Except for the masses of assignments that I now have. One English, one Maths B, one Economics (and another upcoming test), a few Japanese tests which spans across 3 weeks (thank god there's nothing for Logic and Chemistry yet). Damned senior school and responsiblity.

Ehhhh. Oscars night yeasterday. RotK did v.good job. Ken Watanabe didn't win anything... and neither did Johnny Depp... and he looked so cute last night too... I thought it was so unfair that Ken was sitting right at the end of the row. It was like he went basically unnoticed, even when the nominations where called out... *shakes fist at Academy*

Damned Mystic River.

Now I'm pissed off. And I'm going to do my homework now.
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I'm goin' to Japan, baby! Woohoo!

I talked my parents (and myself, because I was somewhat unsure at first) into it on Friday night. They said that they'll pay everything for me... including spending money! (But I should get a job anyway)

I can't wait. And I hope we get to go JAL and get a plane with the little TVs on the back of 'em.

We went fishing with some family friends yesterday. Caught 4 fishies. But they were goldfish sized so we had to let them go. It dashed everyone's hope of BBQing fish for dinner that night. But it was fun. Because I made myself a makeshift fishing thing with some discarded fishing line and rusty hook. (Okay, so even if I'd caught a fish we'd probably all die of tetnus...)

On the way home I saw this gorgeous little Alfa Romeo... drool...

So all in all. Good weekend.
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I knew I forgot something when I updated.

There was this evacuation thing last period of today. (Apparently there was a bomb threat) At first the teacher thought it was a lockdown, so everyone had to climb under their desks, and it was uncomfortable because I kept banging my head on the desk, and had to duck the gum underneath (at times like that I would almost wish I was shorter... almost)

So after a few moments of 'we're all gonna die!', the teacher poked her head out of the windows and says 'right, kids, I made a mistake. Everyone, out!'

Y' know, if there had really been a fire, we'd probably be dead. And it would have been a very messy death, because we were in the lab, and lab= flamable, toxic chemicals.

So everyone grabs their bags and go down 8 flights of stairs (we were at the top of E Block) and went an sat around on the oval.

After that it was uneventful, and everyone sat around for 70-odd minutes. During which I discovered my inner vegetable was corn, and Wynne went on a high and acted like an onion.

Then the teachers got bored and let us go.

P.S. The computer is not being a bum anymore! Yay! :)
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Twas a rather uneventful day at school.

Though, when I came home, I knocked over my nail polish, but luckily it was capped and didn't spill.

Then I knocked it over again. This time it was uncapped. And now my knee is all shiny and gleamy and smooth.

So! In other news. I read a Xmen comic today. It was funny. It wasn't like, funny- funny, but was strange funny. It was one of the Marvel Mangaverse thingies (vol.4), and all the characters are muddled up.

There were only 4 Xmen (Logan, Jean, Scott, Ororo), Logan and Scott were brothers, Logan had one 'energy' claw, and Scott's uniform is demented. Ororo has magical abilities (and calls Wolverine 'Logan-san'). Xavier is evil, and Tessa (Sage) and Emma Frost are his daughters, born to different women. Toad is an old man, and is refered to as 'Master Toad'. Betsy (Psylocke) is Toad's best friend (sort of). Jean Paul (Northstar) looks strange as an anime character.

The funniest thing is, Pyro in this manga is actually a girl. Redheaded, fire-making gothic chick.

And instead of Cerebro, there is Cerebra.

I think I will go post my fic now.

P.S. Behold the Finding Nemo display pic! Ain't it cute?
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I dunno why I'm updating twice in a day. But meh.

Just checking my other email. Hmmm. Seems that there is someone who has just reviewed every chapter of a fic of mine. Which means that she reviewed 13 times, which means that I got 13 more reviews, which means that it pulled my total reviws up to 186, which is good.

~Random thought~ I am a nerd.

School has been... somewhat uneventful until now. I got pretty cool teachers, and at least one friend in every class (except economics, which is a boring subject anyway)

Was reading Blurred for English. It was creepy.

I think I should change my little broomy girl. She's cute and all, but she must get tired from waving that thing around all day.

I love Faramir!


Jan. 28th, 2004 07:21 pm
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I'm at Singapore airport right now typing as fast as I can on the computer that I had to wait 30 minutes for. It's 7:21pm and my flight doesn't leave until 9:15. So I have an hour and a half to waste before going back to BRisbane.


So. I'm wearing this long black coat thing. Very Matrix. Possibly except for the huge McDonalds badge that I stuck on it. But otherwise, very Matrix.

Ehhh. School's already started. And finished. I'll be arriving in BRisbane at 6am tomorrow. Mum says that I have to go to school after showering and changing and 3 hours of rest. I kinda wish there were more time difference between China and Australia. Then I can not go to school for a day and blame it on jet lag.

Well. 15 minutes is up.

So. Yeah. I'll just be going now.
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WooHoo! Just bought Life For Rent yesterday. It is pretty kickass. Favourite song at the moment: Mary's In India.

All family memebers have arrived for Chinese New Year, and my cousin and I will be cooking tonight. (But we won't be doing dishes, yay!)

My aunt bought me pants and a jumper, which are cool.

I really want to go to the movies to see Silver Hawk, which stars Michelle Yueng (from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and Richie Jen (Taiwanese singer, so so hot... :). Ahhhh.


~Random thought~ I'm thirsty. And I want to watch TV.


#7 days until school starts#
#8 days until I return to Brisbane#


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