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X3. Woo. It was really the highlight of my day. My week, even. I mean, it was not the best movie evah, but it was very enjoyable. I know there are some people who are like all "ohmigosh, deviation from canon!" but they do that to every other book-movie adaption, because otherwise it just wouldn't work. Besides, X-Men canon has as many discontinuities as there are holes in swiss cheese.

Thoughts. Kinda all over the place. Spoilers. )

So, they're making a spinoff Wolverine movie?
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Words cannot describe how happy I am right now.

1)I have completed every single test required for my eleventh year of schooling.
2)I am currently chillin' in the nice cool breeze of our newly installed air con.
3)Mum's friend has just brought over a set of sorely missed crappy Chinese soapy DVDs.
4)My Dad is away for the week in Perth, so he won't be bugging me with random comments like "so how d'you think you went on your tests?"
5)A family friend is going to be arriving soon from China, with some fantastic magazines that I subscribed to.

My life is wonderful.

Edit: Just to prove me right, Dad called when he arrived at the hotel in Perth. The first thing he said to me (apart from the obligatory 'hi') was "you've finished your exam? How'd you think it went?"

Edit 2: You know what's a really clever thing not to do? Hold your friend's precious digital camera with wet nail polish. It's a combination destined to devastate. Luckily nail polish remover also seems to work on metals...
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All of my block exam are over. Over, O-V-A-H!


As of the 25th of November, I am officially on holidays. You would have no idea how good it feels to say that after three weeks of stressful cramming. :)
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Mum got a bunch of flowers. They smell nice.
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Only two assessments left, and 5 DAYS UNTIL JAPAN.



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