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Go me.

Well. It's really hot. And mozzy bites are totally annoying. And itchy. Ouch.

I need a Sandman icon.

And I still think it's stupid how they changed artists right in the middle of an arc for Uncanny X-Men. I mean, I have nothing against Chris Bachalo, but he makes Brian Braddock look like a grumpy Wolverine, what with the chin and all. And the Death. Ohhh man. I never knew her well, but I liked her nonetheless. Le sigh. Rest in peace. Just hope the revolving door of death isn't going to come into play with this one, it'll just lessen the impact and make it seem cheap.

Had a dream last night. [livejournal.com profile] animadverted grew a beard and everyone got paid to RP. I was like, yes! But then I woke up. Speaking of, I should probably post for Warren. Otherwise Kathy and/or Piper will eat my babies. Or soul, if I don't have babies.

Eta: XD
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GIP, man.

He is my newest pretteh, a character from a Chinese RPG, which I am currently hooked on. Yes, I do enjoy talking about culturally exclusive things. It has some amazing art (I like that picture because it's cute), and is greatly plot driven. And I should know, 'cause I've played for around 7 hours (cumulative), and I've only completed about 1/12 of it.

I see a "boo", and raise you a "yeah".

And in other news, Jenni's life is has practically been interesting for the past few days. But I haven't finished my homework. Or started my assignments. And I need to stop neglecting Arpee- ongoing logs need to be replied, and preferably not a week late...
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QTAC. Fuuuuuck. Have about 13 days to fill in my preferences, but I still haven't finished working them out yet, and I need to talk to my parents about HECS (or whatever they're called now).

On a lighter and slightly happier note, current obsession: Hideaki Ito. Well, I wouldn't call it an obsession yet, I only just discovered him last night. Hrm. Give it time. It'll brew.

Travis Fimmel is still pretty.

HAPPY BE-LATED BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] flossums ;&hearts

Need to view the new GoF trailer soon, and I totally need to work on that app for Vanessa at E17. Hrm.

And thank you Matt, for your little OP calculation. It may not be accurate, but it was helpful and reassuring.

And hrm. Early/mid 90s Hong Kong comedies are wonderful.

Eta: Knew I forgot something... erm, formal photos have been developed, and a friend is scanning them for me, so they should be up soonish, I hope. After I photoshop away the little strap thing that's poking out of my dress in every single one of the photos. Except the one in the limo and the one with [livejournal.com profile] sushidelight. The limo has obviously magically charmed the strap away, and Tom is obviously special and magical also.
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Travis Fimmel.

This is going to be the start of a beautiful obsession. I can feel it.
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A 'Ten Years Later' scenario for Wing, previously a pup of XA.

 Water is not thicker than blood. )


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