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Matthew Mitcham, you stud!

It was so fabulous watching him dive, and the look on his face after seeing the scores, man, priceless. I do feel a little sad for the Chinese team, though, because they might never get a chance like this again, on the home turf. But! As long as we're keeping it within the two countries I'm rooting for, any result is a-okay :D

Unrelatedly, Journalism in Sound: for giving me a decent mark on my first assignment, I've decided I don't necessarily hate you as much. Thank you and bye, may we never meet again after November.
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These games are giving me a lot of sad.

First Grant Hackett misses out on gold by <----> this much (not to scale). Watching the men's gymnastics currently is so painful, because everyone keeps falling. And now Liu Xiang pulls out of his race.

The women are doing awesome though. How fantastic was the triathlon? :D :D :D
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This movie is so messed up.

eta-ing as I watch TV.
- The Italian national anthem is so happy :D :D
- I love watching the look on swimmers' faces when they turn around and see they've just come first in a race.
- How awesome was Eamon Sullivan in his 100m free semi, srsly? So awesome.
- OMFG Stephanie Rice just won another gold :D :D :D Official medal tally is needing to be updated now kthnx.
- +1 bronze, guise :D :D
- Lmao Channel Seven's swimming commentators rock so hard.
- Dear TV, show gymnastics pls.
- Holy shit He Kexin on uneven bars. And I totally spoiled myself for the results, but I don't even care because it looks so spectacular I'm going to finish watching anyway :D
- :/ Alicia Sacramore.
- Well that was totally worth the wait :D :D Now I am off to read some inevitable wank.
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Uni is making me miss the swimming. And the diving. Man, I really like watching those two events. Because um, hello, 1) 10m platform synchronised diving = spectacular from all angles, 2) Leisel Jones in the 100m breaststroke :D :D, 3) Michael Phelps has large ears :D :D. There is also tennis too, and since it's Nadal versus OUR OWN HEWITT, Seven is bound to show it. Need portable TV pls.

And I've de-addicted myself to V! But apparently re-addicted to affagatos. Out of the frying pan, etc.
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Hai, can't talk, busy watching sports. And radio assginment. At the same time. But mostly sport.

Seriously though, blah blah blah. )


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