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So! Photos! They're not very good quality, because I don't have a scanner and I had to use an old crappy digital camera to take photos of my photos to get them onto the computer. These are just a few of my favourite photos from the lot.

I think this is the time to use a 56K warning )

I'd post more (hell, if I could I'd post every single one of my photos and give everyone a blow by blow account of where, when, who and what my photos are about), and I know Kathy has a cool batch that she haven't posted, but for the moment, these are all I/we have. So. Enjoy! :)
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In a small internet cafe in Tokyo right now, being smothered by cigarette smoke and making enough spelling mistakes on this weirdass Japanese keyboard that makes baby Jesus cry.

But seriously, Japan, is so. Cool. I could say the word 'dude' and/or 'cool' a thousand times each day and it still would not justify just how cool Japan is. I swear.

The title of this post, just in case you were wondering, is what one of the girls yelled when we went past the shrine gates that was really close to the hotel that we're staying at right now.

Got lots of photos. Used up one roll of film on the first day. And Kathy has some photos of me which I demanded her delete, but she just laughed in my face. Bitch :P

And Amy, just so you know, Matt is no longer n00b, he shall from now on, be either referred to as 'the Matt', or 'Dawwwwwg'.

Shoulders are killing me, but I'm not complaining. Went to this place yesterday, it was a shrine thingy, and they had a festival, which involved archers riding past on horses and shooting at targets. We stood around for and hour and a half for that, and it was so not worth it, but Lynn managed to get this really spiffy film clip on Kathy's camera, because she was at the front of the crowd. And at night, we went up to the top floor of Tokyo tower, which was great.

And the Hotel is really fun too. Nearly everyone's on the same level, and it's like, dude, you're on my level, lets visit each other. Jayden was going to hook some cameras up to the TV and have a slidshow thingy last night, but I don't know what happened to that idea.

Have to get up at around 5am tomorrow, to visit the fish markets.

And read Kathy's entry. That just about sums everything up :)
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Mum got a bunch of flowers. They smell nice.
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Only two assessments left, and 5 DAYS UNTIL JAPAN.

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Got everything for Japan after school yesterday. Went completely mad and bought:

  • Batteries. 12 pack, v. heavy. In hindsight, perhaps the 8 pack ones would’ve been better.
  • Suitcase. Black and lightweight (at least, lightweight until I tossed the batteries in) and wheely. Everything you need in a suitcase. And it was on sale. Bargain!
  • Telecard. Letter arrived today with my PIN, and the actual thing will be coming in a few days.
  • Toothpaste. It was one of those fancy ones of the pressy persuasion (as opposed to the squeasy type). Reminiscent of the one I took on grade 3 camp in England.
  • Sunscreen. I highly doubted that the $9 one was better than the $5 one, but eh, mum insisted.
  • Anti-persperant. Fancy Dove one with ‘inbuilt moisturiser’, apparently.
  • Panadol. Generally I never used (or needed, really) pain relievers of any kind, but y’know, just in case.
  • Films. Including the one already in the camera, I have upped the number of films to a healthy 7. 24x7=168 photos. That’ll be enough, I reckon.
  • Money. Put in an order at the local ANZ branch, and the cash will be coming some time next week.

  • Will start packing next week. I have no idea what clothes to pack- I have a shortage of shorts because I avoid buying any kind of short pants. And, yeah.


    In other news, I have finished all of my Japanese and English assessments. And on the way home I nearly got hit by a car.


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