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The wank for this book is amazing. And by amazing, I mean utterly hilarious.

Slowly working through the flist for their Potteries. Trying to hunt down some good Ron fic- does anyone have any recs?

Annnnd waiting for my lecture to start in 30 minutes. >.>

edit. comments may be a little spoilery.
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Holy crap.

Spoilers within. )

There are other points, but I can't remember them right now. I'll have to see what else I come up with on re-reading.

I am craving fic.
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I love Neville so much I want one of my own.


Apr. 24th, 2007 02:15 pm
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I am such a slacker. However! Around 200 150 50 words away from finishing my COMU assignment, so, I rewarded myself. Or something. Two whole minutes of goodies.

OotP international trailer, if you haven't seen it already. )

♥ the twins. I wasn't really looking forward to the movie, but now I am. And, is it just me or does the park look a lot like a barren desert? >.> I mean, I know there was like, a drought and all, but the playground should be at least a little grassy.
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Well, the internet is working, but none of my IM services are. So it's doing stuff time.

[8]Harry Potter
[2]Thora Birth
[3]George Clooney
[3]Naomi Watts/King Kong
[1]Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder
[7]Evangeline Lilly/Lost
[3]Random scans

I like to fiddle. )

Comment + credit, yo. Also, I have decided that I don't like putting text on icons. So feel free to put stuff on the textless icons if you like. And, huzzah for tutorials; I have now learnt how to make transparent .gifs.
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2 days until China. And v. cold weather. Wheee!

And. And. And.

Rewatching X-Men 2 gives me plot bunnies.

And. And. And.

Harry Potter is even better the second time around.

[Eta] My life is such a soapy. )
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Things I have to say about Harry Potter? (I'll keep the list short, with no spoilers)
  • It was hot.
  • Hot and/or wonderful = Cedric, Neville, Ron, Snape, Rita, Twins, Myrtle
  • Dumbledore made me cringe.
  • Emma Watson does not do Hermione justice.
  • The CGI was hot.
  • Voldemort = creepy.
  • The director/screenwriter = obviously a shipper.
  • "Krum... he's more of a physical being."

  • Now for a meme. Please post a comment with a totally fictional, made-up, not at all true memory of about me. You and me, something you heard about me, whatever. It can be anything you want -- good or bad -- but it has to be fake. Fact-checkers are standing by. Participation in this meme in no way obligates you to re-post the thought virus in your own journal, but you might be amused if you did. Because the world needs more funny.

    Now for a (paraphrased) quote. By [livejournal.com profile] sly_cult_race. "Jenni, you're the non-typical Asian. You're all tall and stuff. That's probably why you scare boys. You're like... Godzilla... he was Japanese..."

    Eta: another meme, tagged by Tom. )

    Aha. Substance in posting, what's that?

    Also: just got my learner's yesterday. That's one thing off the list.

    Also: did I mention that I cut my hair? No? Well, I did. It now just touches my shoulders, and is actually shorter than Harry's hair in the movie.


    Nov. 25th, 2005 11:20 pm
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    I have the results of my blood test back. I'm normal, huzzah, except for a lower-than-standard cholestrol (which sounds good, but I'm sure has health implications somewhere). Got some photos developed - mostly of last days of school and graduation and a couple of Katherine's party. Awww. They're making me feel nostalgic already.

    Need opinions on icons. Which do you prefer, Exhibit A) Image hosted by Photobucket.com, or Exhibit B) Image hosted by Photobucket.com The text possibly doesn't fit. But that song is stuck in my head at the moment, so shush.

    And, happy Thanksgiving, those who celebrate it. And. When is Thanksgiving? *ignorant*

    And. I think I had a rant about the word 'fat', but that's for another day.

    Back to Cosmo-reading for Jenni! It's amazing how a magazine can make you feel so shallow.

    Shopping, like, tomorrow.
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    QTAC. Fuuuuuck. Have about 13 days to fill in my preferences, but I still haven't finished working them out yet, and I need to talk to my parents about HECS (or whatever they're called now).

    On a lighter and slightly happier note, current obsession: Hideaki Ito. Well, I wouldn't call it an obsession yet, I only just discovered him last night. Hrm. Give it time. It'll brew.

    Travis Fimmel is still pretty.

    HAPPY BE-LATED BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] flossums ;&hearts

    Need to view the new GoF trailer soon, and I totally need to work on that app for Vanessa at E17. Hrm.

    And thank you Matt, for your little OP calculation. It may not be accurate, but it was helpful and reassuring.

    And hrm. Early/mid 90s Hong Kong comedies are wonderful.

    Eta: Knew I forgot something... erm, formal photos have been developed, and a friend is scanning them for me, so they should be up soonish, I hope. After I photoshop away the little strap thing that's poking out of my dress in every single one of the photos. Except the one in the limo and the one with [livejournal.com profile] sushidelight. The limo has obviously magically charmed the strap away, and Tom is obviously special and magical also.
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    (Gacked from FictionAlley.org )

    Late? Probably. But I don't care, because I have cake. This is going into my userinfo. (The counter, not the cake. Though I wouldn't mind if I had more cake.)

    In other news? I think my fingers are frozen.

    Eta: it's possible to be out of practice in your native tongue, right? 'Cause I just realised, my Chinese now sucks. The way to reprimand the situation? Watch lots and lots of Chinese soapies!


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