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there are a couple of things.

1. the mouse on this computer refuses to work. it drives me insane just tabbing all over the place, because lj is really hard to navigate like that.

2. chinana is filled with fun things and food. i feel really fat, but entertained. there is no snow yet, as it has been an unusually warm winter, but i have not given up hope.

3. mum just walked in with a hot pan full of vinegar. apparently this will help with germ-killing. i am skeptical, but a) i'm not sick, and would like to keep it that way and b) i really like vinegar.

4. i miss summer :\ i also miss everyone currently stuck in summer. no one awesome is ever on msn anymore. this makes me sad. though, if people give me their mobile numbers i could possibly sms them.

5. christmas! chinese people just use it as an excuse to go out and have fun. dinner last night was incredibly satisfying. i wish that they'd stop playing christmas carols on repeat in supermarkets, though.

6. my mum's family is clearly insane.

7. my dad's family is even more insane.

8. i need to upload some of these photos.

9. i have shiny paid account! and iconspace. thanks to kathy. who will be leaving me for SIX MONTHS next year, whoring herself off to hot canadians. i eye her. her and her shiny trip.

10. did i mention that my family is insane?

11. my cousin has started working for the ioc. this intrigues me. a lot.

an itinery, so far. )

chinana is so crowded.
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This airport got a totally awesome makeover, and it looks great, though there are some parts that are not properly airconned. It's dark outside, and you can see all the pretty lights from here. Mmhmm. I really do like this country.

Plane to China leaves in about 4 hours (1:30 am, I think). In the meantime, I will explore whether this place has free wireless or not. *Totally armed with shiny laptop*

Well. The plane trip was awesome as usual. Oh em gee, Sky High. I ♥ YOU WARREN. And the food = complete chocolate overload. Seirously.

Ohh. I think the aircon just kicked in.

Now for some duty free shopping and perfume-trying! Rawk!



Dec. 7th, 2005 09:25 am
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This is really awesome.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Awesome going away present.

And now, m'dears, I have a plane to catch. Will miss y'all.
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Okay, so the China-trip may or may not be actually happening, due to the bird flu. It should be okay, as long as we don't visit my paternal grandparents, which is a whole different rant altogether, hooray for family differences and all. Plus it's bloody expensive to cancel/alter the dates for plane tickets. The rentals should be able to make a decision by next week.

Nevertheless, postcards and/or Christmas cards will be sent, just maybe not from as "exotic" a location as previously thought. Meh.

Eta: Gosh. What a read.


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