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*in hysterics*

Unrelatedly, now reading up on cameras and price comparing online. Looking at a basic DSLR, ideally either a Nikon or Canon. Haven't quite worked out a budget, but I suspect it's going to be around a grand, or less. Browsing Shopbot at the moment, and cross-checking with reviews. This is a little bit fun.

ETA Remember a while back I found a bunch of um. Shall we say sexy Disney Prince fanart? THERE IS MORE.
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Heh. I just saw the little 'follow the butterflies' hidden animation thingie for 'Trouble at Hogwarts'. It's so cute :)

Click me!

To see the 'follow the butterflies', just pause it, and scroll through the animation using slo-mo. When Voldemort attacks Snape and the green lines make a star, click on it. It's so cute :)
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I don't know if this works... but anyway...

It's supposed to show your ip adress, and isp, and which version of IE you're using. On the last line, it says 'I'm bored'.
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I feel like I need some ice. Even though it's not hot or anything. (In fact, there's lightning outside... I should get off now- it might fry the computer to a crispy crisp) But yeah. Ice sounds nice right about now.

Hmmm. Katherine doesn't seem to know who Faramir is... *shakes fist*

'While trying to retrieve the URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/secure/menu.php

The following error was encountered:

Connection Failed
The system returned:

(61) Connection refused'

I hate it when that happens. You're like refreshing for the hundredth time and the computer's like 'I'm sorry, but I am a imbecile and I will not connect you with the page you are trying to reach because it pisses you off. And then you will kick me. And I like being kicked.'

I don't like it when the computer is being a bum. Even though some bums are sexy, this one is just... bummy.

I dunno. I'm weird.
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I just saw 'Trouble At Hogwarts'. Tis very funny. And very cute.

'I love you too... now get off me.'


Hee hee.


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