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"On the 22nd of April 2006, Summer stated in an Australian convention that she was aware of the 'secret' of the character Shepherd Book from the series Firefly. This has encouraged further speculation of a possible sequel to Serenity."

That, would be totally awesome. But you know what would be awesomer? If Firefly was picked up where it left off, and Serenity was deemed an alternate ending. I find it strange how River seemed normal in Objects In Space, but sort of reverts in the Big Damn Movie. I know her medicine is erratic, but still.

Another thing is that the BDM seemed to lose some of the feel of the series. Obviously they had to accomodate for newcomers and movie constraints, but a lot of the action scenes seemed gratuitous. There's just too much story to be told in one not-quite-2-hour movie.

Glee, because it is free comic book day tomorrow.

Unglee, because my uterus sucks.

Glee, because it is my birthday on Sunday.

Glee, because my icon muse has returned.

Glee. Because my friends are funny and don't mind making baby jokes.

ETA: GLEE. That's so cute.
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This makes me very sad.

So I will spend the rest of the week watching Firefly a lot, and eat the chips meant for the picnic on Sunday.

I love Kat, also.
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Real estate agents smell. Well, not physically. Well. Probably physically. Who'd want to get closer to them to smell? The important thing is, we now definitely own that house. At least, we will on Friday.

I have about 2 and a half hours to kill before my tut. I wish they had Photoshop here. They do, but only in some computer labs.

Two more icons for Katness!

Adding: icon bitch- okay. Shiny blob in the middle of an icon? I don't get it.

Adding again: er. No tut today? Fuck.

Adding more: >.> people should not eat at me when I am hungry.
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For [livejournal.com profile] katrina_splat

The colour's not great, so I plan on doing another one soonish. Maybe.

Also. Joey requests that someone brings a soccer ball to the picnic next Sunday. :D

*goes back to stats*
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First episode of Firefly: finally see what the fuss is all about. I &hearts Wash

Third episode of Lost: Eeee! *Incoherent babbling* And the preview! Jin! *Wibble* Is it next episode time yet? Kathy, does love make the internet operate smoother? 'Cause if it does then it is going to have a lot of love. And so are you.


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