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This meme has been going on over at IJ, it's kind of an exercise in vanity, but whatever, I am vain so I'm gonna roll with it.

Ask me questions/to do things/opinions/etcetc and I will answer them in a video!

Unrelatedly, I think I figured out why Glee bothers me so much, other than the inconsistency of the writing – I don't have a favourite character. Usually in ensemble shows, I either have a favourite, or I love the whole cast pretty much equally. See: The West Wing for #1 (CJ), and Modern Family or Firefly for #2.

With Glee though, due to the characterisation fluctuations, and the fact that all the major storylines involve the 'main' four kids (EVEN THOUGH IT IS AN ENSEMBLE SHOW. I know Lea Michele sells songs, and she is the best singer, but there has got to be some way where she still sings but other people get plot as well), makes it hard to like the secondary characters, especially when the few they focus on are so unlikeable.

The closest thing I have to a 'favourite' on this show are Brittany and Mike, but other than sprouting some random awesome lines, we know nothing about them. Mike has never gotten a real storyline (I'm not counting like a half-episode arc as a storyline, no), and Brittany is only just getting more screen time, even then it's mostly in support to Santana.

That irks me. And as I've said before, if Rachel and Finn get back together I cannot anymore with this show.
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I need a new TV show to follow like I need a hole in my head, which is why, I guess, I watched two pilots recently, first being The Borgias (which is like Sexy Cardinals the way The Tudors were Sexy Tudors and Rome was Sexy Romans), and the second being Camelot (aka. Merlin Is An Asshole, Or Just An Excuse To See Eva Green Naked). Liking them both so far, for different reasons.

On the bright side, it's almost the end of this current season? Which also means ALMOST TIME FOR DR WHO OMG.

TV list

Nov. 24th, 2010 08:11 pm
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Because I have learnt my lesson from picking Yuletide fandoms >.>

Now keeping track of the TV shows I watch/follow.

Currently watching
2 Broke Girls s1
How I Met Your Mother s7
Misfits s3
Modern Family s3
Nikita s2
Revenge s1
Ringer s1
Switched At Birth s1 (hiatus)
Up All Night s1
White Collar s3 (hiatus)

Completed )
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Spoilers through The End of Time/images of 11.

Brb packing up the rest of the internet.
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For the longest time I thought Repo! The Genetic Opera was the Generic Opera and I thought, wow, what an interesting title. I feel I would've liked something like that way more than the actual movie. Anyway, dot points.

  • Am assignment-free for the tiniest of windows. Right now I feel like crawling into a little hole and hibernating, but, you know. Classes. I'm going to deem this Friday 'break day' and... are you sitting down?... go to a DVD store. Because while in almost all other areas of life I am the opposite, I'm clearly a masochist when it comes to my wallet.
  • I got the first episode of Romantically Challenged. I know full well it sounds awful, and it's probably going to get cancelled after its initial six episode run so really it's just setting me up for disappointment, but... Josh Lawson. I love that man. I've only ever seen him as himself on Thank God You're Here but he is absolutely outstanding (and younger than I always thought he was. An 80s baby? Crazy. He looked to me at least 30, and this was back in 2006). Although it has to be said that he is shocking at accents, so this experience should be interesting.
  • I preordered this. Good thing, too, since it's apparently sold out now. STOP JUDGING ME. (An email yesterday tells me it has shipped)
  • Ugly Betty ended ;___; While I enjoy that there is some... karmic throwback (no spoilers), I DON'T THINK THAT IS CLOSURE ENOUGH, WRITERS. SRSLY.
  • Beginning to develop a thing for BPAL, and already ruminating second order. Fairy Market, The Dormouse and Suspiro are all on my 5ml list, though not necessarily at the same time. I'll wait until my misplaced imps come and test them out before I actually put anything through. LOOK, RESTRAINT, I HAS IT.
  • Discovered that Mother is not as disgusting tasting as it sounds/looks. Still, won't go around making this a regular habit.
  • I have a couple of movies lined up to watch after catching up on Dr Who. What to pick, what to pick.
  • Apparently, I haven't finished reading a single book since February. And that's just sad. I blame my current material for being terrible and thus dragging me down (for reference: Twilight and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies).
  • I was on the TVTropes page for CPR Clean Pretty Reliable, and it as soon as I clicked on the tab, I said "haha oh Jack" to my computer screen. Oh Lost. I still need to catch up on you.
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    Watching Nip/Tuck season 5 on DVD, and... I dunno. It's weird. Not the show itself (though okay, it is actually weird, but I'm used to it and love it for that), but my current feelings towards it. First it feels like it's jumped the shark, but then I felt that it was self-parodying and being genre-savvy, and the crack being slathered on means that it's still thoroughly enjoyable. And then there was the jump, with that... morally ambiguous sex/rape thing leading to an ambiguous odd couple that I half kind of love and half wish they'd just maintained the status quo.

    Long story short, I still love Christian? But I honestly don't know how I feel about everything/one else right now.

    So a while back I was cackling about how much money I'd managed to save up over the break because of decent hours and no time to go shop. Thought I'd maintain that for at least a while, no big expenditures or trips to the DVD shop etc etc. Apparently I forgot to factor in the cost of textbooks.

    In conclusion, kri kri.
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    Guise I want this pretty hard. So tempted to get it for Christmas. Of course, there's the issue of the camera. Which takes precedence over Who, but still.

    Dad is trapped in Beijing. Or he was, because of massive snow, really unusual for this time of year (it's not even li dong yet! What is this crazy). All the flights out had been grounded, and he was tranferred to Shanghai this morning, then to Hong Kong this afternoon, to catch a ~12am flight back to Brisbane. These past couple of days have been fun for him.

    This week, I foresee studying not being done until the last minute.

    ETA Yuletide! Sign ups are imminent! I'm getting myself really psyched up for this :D :D
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    It has been a pretty long day. A pretty long week, actually. I just want to lounge around for a day, sleep in, watch some Lost, read a bit, eat ice cream. University fatigue, I think. So, meme to alleviate some of that.

    List 10 TV shows you like, in no specific order. Do this before reading the questions below.

    Seriously random list - half of them I'm currently watching, half I've just grabbed out of thin air.

    10. Glee
    9. Lost
    8. Ugly Betty
    7. Dr Who
    6. FlashForward
    5. Dollhouse
    4. Life on Mars
    3. Veronica Mars
    2. Scrubs
    1. The West Wing

    14 questions. )
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    *in hysterics*

    Unrelatedly, now reading up on cameras and price comparing online. Looking at a basic DSLR, ideally either a Nikon or Canon. Haven't quite worked out a budget, but I suspect it's going to be around a grand, or less. Browsing Shopbot at the moment, and cross-checking with reviews. This is a little bit fun.

    ETA Remember a while back I found a bunch of um. Shall we say sexy Disney Prince fanart? THERE IS MORE.
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    + Lots of hours this week at work \o/

    - I am lazy

    + Glee. That episode was amazing. Amazing. Sexyman Chang (UNF UNF boy has moves) needs to be my boyfriend. I will fight [livejournal.com profile] trouveur for him.

    - Group project is lagging behind :/

    + Token boy in said group has shaved his hair and looks even more like Batman Christian Bale.

    - I think I may be developing a double chin. The thought depresses me a little.

    + Lost season 2 is a lot better than I remember it being. Way to go, universe.

    + Have gotten over brain freeze re: phone, and have managed to put music on it. New ring tone time!

    + This week's music recommendation, guys: It's My Life/Confessions mashup from Glee. I WILL FIGHT FOR SEXYMAN.

    Need to do before Tuesday:
    ~ finish reading Life of Pi
    ~ read the textbook's chapter on 'The End' and make some notes for essay.
    ~ be awesome.

    The List

    Jun. 13th, 2009 09:12 pm
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    Some things on my shelf that I need to read/watch at one point. I have a habit of buying things, I realise that. Hooboy.

    In alphabetical order: DVDs )

    In no particular order: Books )

    In other news, the new MacBook Pro is out. As far as I can tell, the 13-inch version has exactly the same specs and features (with an additional SD card slot) as my machine, the only difference being that it is about $200 cheaper. Sigh, whatever, I'm moving on... onto saving for a decent camera, for one.
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    I may or may not have re-ploughed through season 1 of Veronica Mars in three days, and I may or may not have re-fallen in love with Logan.



    Work is giving me awesome hours (including Sunday!) so things are pretty good on that front. These holidays are going to be so... uneventful. I am fancying a swim, but with the storms, our pool currently is the colour of the Brisbane River, and I am not even exaggerating. It might be a little greener, compared to the river, but it is still murky and gross.

    Random fact that I didn't know before but is pretty cool: Errol Flynn was Australian - born in Tasmania, to be exact. Honestly, I lol'd a little.
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    There are two TV shows I like that I feel I shouldn't like. One is the American Kath and Kim, although truthfully I can't say there is liking yet, more... vague fondness. I've complained about this to several people, about how the comedy doesn't work on so many levels and how it's kind of wrong that they're taking a great Australian classic and making it this unrecognisable thing (the theme song is Scissor Sisters! Kim uses a Mac!), and they're going to ruin a great concept just like how they got Thank God You're Here axed because apparently Americans don't appreciate that kind of humour. But the last couple of minutes made me laugh. I wonder if this makes me a bad person.

    Now the second show is Gilmore Girls. What I can't even help it. And I want season two a lot right now. And it's not purely because I want to see how bad Jared Padalecki's hair will get.

    On the other side of the TV now, mum is now considering getting a puppy at Christmas, something I wholly support. I plan on naming it J.K. Growling, because :D. And it will be Growly for short.
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    1. So [livejournal.com profile] ringlunatic linked to this, AND NOW I CAN'T UNSEE IT. If I were able to, I'd totally vote for Michael Palin.

    2. Don't want to jinx it, which is why I never talk about employment until I get it - I may potentially have a Christmas job with Myer, if I could just not slack off and sign up for an interview.

    3. You know Psych is a fantastic show, when they manage to work Nancy Drew fanfiction into a line.

    4. Season 4 finale of Dr Who, finally watched it last night. OMG. )
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    Possible Dr Who spoilers for whoever is needing to catch up more than me? )

    So last night I had this dream about how in reward for... something, work decided to offer me this fantastic little bachlorette pad and we were just going over the paperwork when I woke up. I don't know why I'm doing paperwork in my dream.
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    My Dad is hooked on Australian Idol.

    My Dad.

    Australian Idol.

    The apocalypse is coming sooner than I expected.
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    Grrr. Damned Pokemon Advanced. They got rid of Misty and then got another kid with the name of May whose bike got messed up by Pikachu and she's all like 'ooohhh! I hate Pokemon!' and she picked a friggin' fire type one.

    Misty can kick her ass anyday.

    +Rant over+
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    I feel sort of guilty for not studying at all (for hell of me I CANNOT remember the stupid cosine rule), but y’ know, TV distracting.

    Been watching Survivor last night. It’s quite entertaining, actually. (It’s also a good time filler for the hour between Fraiser and Simpsons) Some of the guys on that show are cute too, so that’s a bonus. But seems like all the cute guys have been voted out. Hmmmm, do I spot a trend here?

    Found my collection of quotes from last year… huzzah!

    ‘When nothing else works, a total pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face will always see us through.’

    ‘Fate is what you call it when you don’t know the name of the person screwing you over.’

    It’s alllll good ^_^

    #Random fact: opportunity cost is simply the alternative forgone#

    I’ve forgotten what it means, but it was in my Economics notebook, so it can’t be wrong…


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