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May. 19th, 2006 11:06 am
heywilma: (Dark.)

  • Job, hee.
  • Dad's an arsehole, nothing new.
  • Icon muse is fickle.
  • Assignments not started.
  • Christopher Gorham is adorkable. Thus making my favourite Buffy episode of season two I Only Have Eyes For You. Does anyone else remember Jake 2.0?
  • Dad = arsehole. It's worth mentioning again.
  • Dreamt about working in a childcare centre on a spaceship. For some reason or another, I got shot at, but Simon saved me.
  • I need to clean my glasses.

    That is all.

    To add: Ooo. Wentworth Miller is in the Go Fish episode of Buffy. Does this guy ever have hair?
  • heywilma: (Bunny; my house is for rent)
    Dude. I’m getting older faster than I thought I would. My brain is working slower. There are just a lot of things to do and the gears are taking its sweet time in processing them.

    Now for a list!

  • DOSSIER. Try to word it so that the markers will actually understand what you’re trying to say. I suck at that, because I write long and winded.

  • COMPARISON OF NEWSPAPERS. Because it’s due soon, too.
  • CML, bitch. I hate maths.
  • Do all the HTML shazams I’ve dotted down on this notebook of mine. (Code for a navigational frame; Java Script for “Last Updated” message, ‘cause the one they gave us do not work; scans of Brotherhood members, because I am doing an X-Men fansite)

  • Ask the lecturer/tutor whether I’m actually allowed to have a pure fansite, pseudo-Government page style. I’d better be, ‘cause I’ve already done half the pages >.>

  • Steal Find and borrow the .xls files on the school’s server.
  • Not there. Will have to borrow someone's CD.
  • Check for job postings again.

  • Email Shannon Molly RE: webzine writer.

  • RP things.
  • Upload icontest entries.

  • I hate it when lists exceed 4 dot points.

    Now for something completely different. )

    Also, whenever I see upturned collars now I just have this urge of flipping them down.
    heywilma: (Bunny; my house is for rent)
    I feel totally accomplished because I have now applied for 6 jobs (7, if you count that unpaid webzine one. But their website is down right now. So.), and now just has to wait. For stuff. Have an interview with these guys next Thursday. They called when I was trying on a top, so there was a lot of scrambling.


    I'm such a bad, bad person, for being weak. Phoenix: Endsong was just too pretty. If I do get a job, though, I might celebrate by getting Sandman...


    And currently? I have so many issues with my Dad it's not even funny. "Are you sure you want to get a job in first semester? I mean, shouldn't you wait until you get used to university? You'll have to put in the hours. Didn't the lecturer say to dedicate 10 hours a week to each subject? You can only do more, not less. What sort of student are you if you do less? And why don't you get a job at Coles? It's closer. Or Baker's Delight, they're always looking for people. What sort of restaurant in the city? Ohh, that Railways Credit Union would be a good place to work at, get that job!" Yes, see? Issues.

    EDIT: BUGGER. I'm obviously spaz. I can't take that job with the Credit Union! It's full time! *facepalm*


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