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Also, pick my best? I am looking for an ego-boost.

One of these days I will go to the comic store and pick up Buffy. One of these days.
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This weekend was exciting. Well. Not the spending-Monday-cleaning-the-house, because that kind of excitement I can live without, thanks.

Free Comic Book Day: the loot, the awesome, and the nitpicking. )

Spidey 3: the good, the bad and the really, really hot. Spoilers! )

Yesterday I drove around for a whole day without hitting anything! Or even coming close to hitting anything! :D

eta. Pia Guerra is a woman? I just assumed that it was a he! >.>
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"On the 22nd of April 2006, Summer stated in an Australian convention that she was aware of the 'secret' of the character Shepherd Book from the series Firefly. This has encouraged further speculation of a possible sequel to Serenity."

That, would be totally awesome. But you know what would be awesomer? If Firefly was picked up where it left off, and Serenity was deemed an alternate ending. I find it strange how River seemed normal in Objects In Space, but sort of reverts in the Big Damn Movie. I know her medicine is erratic, but still.

Another thing is that the BDM seemed to lose some of the feel of the series. Obviously they had to accomodate for newcomers and movie constraints, but a lot of the action scenes seemed gratuitous. There's just too much story to be told in one not-quite-2-hour movie.

Glee, because it is free comic book day tomorrow.

Unglee, because my uterus sucks.

Glee, because it is my birthday on Sunday.

Glee, because my icon muse has returned.

Glee. Because my friends are funny and don't mind making baby jokes.

ETA: GLEE. That's so cute.
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But ohh, man.

Y: The Last Man, is crack. So. Fucking. Awesome.

I can't believe I haven't discovered it earlier.

And Nightwing is too sexy for his shirt. Why yes, I am foraying into DCverse, even though lack of backstory makes me confused sometimes (although WC helps a bit). I think the reason why I stayed away from Batman-esque things is because of the film noir approach to their stories and art. X-Men is all happy and fluffy and colourful in comparison. Should read later issues of Teen Titans also, because I apparently have a soft spot for not-normally-coloured shapeshifters, adorable red headed boys and Robin in their various incarnations.

Did I mention that Y: The Last Man is really good?

It is.

You should read it.
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I feel totally accomplished because I have now applied for 6 jobs (7, if you count that unpaid webzine one. But their website is down right now. So.), and now just has to wait. For stuff. Have an interview with these guys next Thursday. They called when I was trying on a top, so there was a lot of scrambling.


I'm such a bad, bad person, for being weak. Phoenix: Endsong was just too pretty. If I do get a job, though, I might celebrate by getting Sandman...


And currently? I have so many issues with my Dad it's not even funny. "Are you sure you want to get a job in first semester? I mean, shouldn't you wait until you get used to university? You'll have to put in the hours. Didn't the lecturer say to dedicate 10 hours a week to each subject? You can only do more, not less. What sort of student are you if you do less? And why don't you get a job at Coles? It's closer. Or Baker's Delight, they're always looking for people. What sort of restaurant in the city? Ohh, that Railways Credit Union would be a good place to work at, get that job!" Yes, see? Issues.

EDIT: BUGGER. I'm obviously spaz. I can't take that job with the Credit Union! It's full time! *facepalm*
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So many comics that tempt. Couple that I have to get.

And I've fallen in love with James Blunt.

And need to collect the rest of Sandman.

And I really want to see the rest of Full Metal Alchemist.

This means I need a job. Which means I have to get off my arse and write a resume. Bugger.

Edit: I saw these two covers, and I nearly cried. Seriously.
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The Sandman is creepy, in a really cool way.

And House of M is just ♥
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I want this now, damn it >.<

And House of M #2 looks totally awesome.

And I need to get Uncanny X-Men #461, because a) sake of continuity, b) X-babies! Yeah.

Little kids are totally annoying.

And I'm apparently a Hufflepuff now. Go me.


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