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For one week, recommend / share:
→ Day 1: a song
→ Day 2: a picture
→ Day 3: a book/ebook/fanfic
→ Day 4: a site
→ Day 5: a youtube clip
→ Day 6: a quote
→ Day 7: whatever tickles your fancy

At first I didn't want to recommend another song for this week, because where is the variety? The spice! It's bog-standard and not changing anything up! But I am currently obsessed with this mash-up, and have it on repeat in Itunes, because it's that amazing.

Norwegian Recycling -- Viva la Viral

Song list and video hereunder. )
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+ Lots of hours this week at work \o/

- I am lazy

+ Glee. That episode was amazing. Amazing. Sexyman Chang (UNF UNF boy has moves) needs to be my boyfriend. I will fight [livejournal.com profile] trouveur for him.

- Group project is lagging behind :/

+ Token boy in said group has shaved his hair and looks even more like Batman Christian Bale.

- I think I may be developing a double chin. The thought depresses me a little.

+ Lost season 2 is a lot better than I remember it being. Way to go, universe.

+ Have gotten over brain freeze re: phone, and have managed to put music on it. New ring tone time!

+ This week's music recommendation, guys: It's My Life/Confessions mashup from Glee. I WILL FIGHT FOR SEXYMAN.

Need to do before Tuesday:
~ finish reading Life of Pi
~ read the textbook's chapter on 'The End' and make some notes for essay.
~ be awesome.
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I am a little bit obsessed with this boy. WHAT HE IS ADORABLE. Watch him sing I'm Yours.

Yep, that is this week's recc. I THINK IT'S PRETTY WORTHY. Also that host's dress is nuts.

Kind of related - it's about music, anyhow - that new show Glee has some really amazing singers. I really wish I had access to American Itunes, the two covers that were on the show (Journey's Don't Stop Believing and Amy Winehouse's Rehab) both gave me chills when I was watching AND I WANT THEM.


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