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Dear Yuletide author,

This is a placeholder! I will have my letter up very soon :)

Wow, totally full-on day – please forgive any incoherency on my part!

If there's anything that can get me all excited for this season, it's seeing Yuletide emails in my inbox, so thank you for the story you're about to write, and if my head explodes with glee at Christmas it will be all your fault :D

Some of my favourite things to read are character/relationship studies, internal reflections, snappy banter, slow conversations, characters kicking ass, angst that doesn't lead to wangst, innate humour, bromance (and the female equivalent, which, for the desperate lack of a better word, I have been calling 'homance'), emotional boys, defiance of traditional gender roles, realism, unless the story in your mind calls for crack, in which case BRING IT. I do prefer gen, but also wouldn't say no to romantic sub/texts.

I'm not particularly hot on OOC shipping, incest, and what I like to call the K-drama conventions: little misunderstandings blowing way out of proportion, and could have been easily mitigated; character harm for no good reason; overly dramatic soliloquies; positive portrayals of unhealthy relationships ("really? You're really going to pick the downright abusive dude?"). That last one always gets me, and it happens all. the. damn time. Like, you don't have to choose the nice guy if you're not attracted to him – and who said you had to choose anyway? BECAUSE SINGLEDOM IS AN AWFUL HELL AMIRITE – but seriously, look at your life, look at your choices.

I have a lot of feelings, santa.

Anyway! Happy thoughts! As always, mere suggestions, all of these- I am definitely not adverse to surprises :)

Speed Racer: Rex Racer/Racer X
One of my favourite things about the movie is how Rex/X manages to reconcile his two identities, and how that affects the relationships with people around him. Anything that explores that would be amazing.

This is probably my favourite movie since it came out (#iregretnothing, #hatersgonhate), and Rex/X is one of my favourite fictional characters, so I will absolutely devour anything that comes my way. I love seeing different interpretations of his backstory, and how that shapes him, his attitudes and his beliefs. What's going through his head at any given time when he is X? Is he ever himself? Does he even still have a sense of self? These are my questions, santa, perhaps you can answer them.

Dead Like Me: George Lass, Reggie Lass
Anything of the Lass sisters interacting, whether pre-, during, or post- series, would be excellent. Bonus points if it includes the other reapers, and even more if it completely disregards the movie >.>

I think I've almost managed to purge that movie from memory. Anyway! I love how the show dealt with Reggie's motivations- her yearning, her need for an identity, and I loved how bittersweet it was whenever she and George crossed paths. She's an interesting, understated character, imo, which is why I'd love to read more about her. Also: I've always assumed that George, being George, told everyone to start calling her that, so who came up with Reggie's nickname? Was it George, their parents, or Reggie herself, kind of as a sign of things to come.

The Green Hornet: Kato
There will never be enough Kato fic in the world. Something where Britt becomes the sidekick would be delicious, whether that that means new adventures, fun situations, AU, or what have you!

As someone who had always been ambivalent towards Jay Chou, I didn't expect to walk away from this movie with so many feelings about Kato. In my mind, without a doubt Kato is the star. Britt who? To me, the movie played this too straight, the hero and the sidekick thing. It just wasn't ironic enough! </unapologetic hipster impersonation>. I'm also of two minds about Kato and Britt's friendship- I enjoy it on some levels, but it's also problematic and a little bit fail. So basically, as long as Kato takes center stage, I will have no complaints! Perhaps it's something independent of his erstwhile employer (I'd love to see him shine in an environment familiar to him), perhaps people finally recognise his awesome and he becomes the boss, perhaps he'd always been the boss, and Mr Reid is the bumbling coffee-maker?

Phew! If you ever require more information, or ideas, or what-have-you, feel free to give my bff [livejournal.com profile] ittykat a nudge, and she will surely giveth~ Thank you again, santa. Hope you have a wonderful month ahead, and enjoy writing this assignment as much as I will inevitably enjoy reading it :D

<3 Jenni
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