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Huh. You don't post an entry for a while and LJ's all changey.

So what's new? I quit my job; tomorrow's my last day at work. I figured with travelling, maybe not having anything lined up when I get back is the kick in the bum I need to look for a ~real job~ (not that being a check out chick isn't a real job, but you know what I mean). There's probably more to say about this, but damn I am exhausted just thinking about it. The last couple of months have been cray cray.

I've been reading A Clash of Kings, and I have a lot of feelings. Mostly towards the Starks, and one of them had better win the game of thrones, just sayin'. Hopefully I can finish it before going overseas, so I can take A Storm of Swords for travel reading. It's a good length for this trip.

Finished watching Avatar: the Last Airbender tonight, and it also gave me a lot of feelings. Honestly, it's one of the best show's I've seen recently, and despite it being a kid's show, it's complex, it's epic, it has good writing, a fantastic cast. It's got a great mythology and it's interesting visually, and it passes the Bechdel test. It's not perfect- some of the episodes were a little bit superfluous, but overall it's great. Can't wait for Legend of Korra ngl.

I kind of, maybe have a little crush on a boy. We'll see how it goes.

Europe is almost all booked. The plan is: Madrid - Toledo - Barcelona - Rome - Florence - Venice - Vienna - Munich - Fussen - Berlin - Amsterdam - Paris (and surrounds) - London (and surrounds) - Taipei. Words cannot describe my excitement right now.

And in November I'm going to this. THAT'S GONNA BE AWESOME TOO.
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