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Wow I haven't used this icon in a while.

TV shows.

+ Modern Family was pretty much perfect this season – my favourite show out of the current fall season crop, followed very closely by Community. Sometimes I feel like I praise this show too much, but idec, it's totally great and I looked forward to every episode.
+ I am done with Glee. I don't think I'll be watching it when it comes back. We'll see, but I am sick of the repeat storylines and the inconsistent characterisation and the uneven focus on certain characters. There are things I love and things I like, but it's outweighed by the things I hate and complain about every week (seriously, people on my Twitter list has got to be sick of all my bitching about the show every time I watch an episode).
+ HIMYM needs to end. As much as I still adore the show, the characters are Flanderising so much, SERIOUSLY NO SHOW SHOULD GO ON FOR EIGHT SEASONS.
+ I haven't watched this week's Dr Who yet. I think I'll actually be disappointed if I don't get Moffed (you know, like getting Jossed but... with the Moff). Edit ~2 hours later: EXCELLENT, I RECEIVED A THOROUGH MOFFING. (That sounds dirty)

X-Men: First Class

+ fkjghkfjghdfkjghdfg way to make me re-fall in love with James McAvoy, movie. I enjoyed Fassy as much as the next person (and found some scenes inappropriately hot; like that one where he was knifing ex-Nazi officers), but I'm solidly on Team Charles.
+ It... wasn't as great as a lot of people said it was. I enjoyed it very much – it pushed my buttons in right ways – and McAvoy and Fassbender were excellent, but, I dunno.
+ Seriously, those two guys were so good.
+ I now have the movie poster on my wall :D
+ Best cameos ever, or best cameos ever? I was expecting Stan Lee – I heard that he got one (or maybe that was Captain America and I'm just getting them confused). Best use of Wolverine in a movie, y/y?
+ My most pressing gripe: way to get rid of all the minority characters. The moment they closed up on Angel during Shaw's infiltration I just started to go, "oh no no no no no no".
+ If the movie had just been Charles and Erik hanging out I would've been cool with it.
+ Or if it focused more on the 'class' in First class.
+ Charles, do me.
+ Erik can join if he likes.
+ "I can't feel my legs." flkdsfjlkjfldskfjsdlfkj that whole scene broke me. The moment Moira started to fire that gun I was gone. My buttons, watch them being pressed.
+ I won't complain if they do a sequel. (A sequel to a prequel? Hmm)


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