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This meme has been going on over at IJ, it's kind of an exercise in vanity, but whatever, I am vain so I'm gonna roll with it.

Ask me questions/to do things/opinions/etcetc and I will answer them in a video!

Unrelatedly, I think I figured out why Glee bothers me so much, other than the inconsistency of the writing – I don't have a favourite character. Usually in ensemble shows, I either have a favourite, or I love the whole cast pretty much equally. See: The West Wing for #1 (CJ), and Modern Family or Firefly for #2.

With Glee though, due to the characterisation fluctuations, and the fact that all the major storylines involve the 'main' four kids (EVEN THOUGH IT IS AN ENSEMBLE SHOW. I know Lea Michele sells songs, and she is the best singer, but there has got to be some way where she still sings but other people get plot as well), makes it hard to like the secondary characters, especially when the few they focus on are so unlikeable.

The closest thing I have to a 'favourite' on this show are Brittany and Mike, but other than sprouting some random awesome lines, we know nothing about them. Mike has never gotten a real storyline (I'm not counting like a half-episode arc as a storyline, no), and Brittany is only just getting more screen time, even then it's mostly in support to Santana.

That irks me. And as I've said before, if Rachel and Finn get back together I cannot anymore with this show.
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