Jan. 17th, 2011

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And as far as I can tell, the only big ones that I'm going to be unable to access are YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, but they were all expected.

Something while I was waiting for my connecting flight in Taipei, oyeah, 6am thoughts:

Flight from Brisbane to Taipei was like an 8-hour long shower in terms of the weird shit I had time to think about. (Their entertainment system was down, and sleep was uncomfortable enough that I could wake intermittantly to think about aforementioned weird shit. Also, since when did I get so bad so sudoku?)

- Taipei is hands down the worst airport I've been in, bat none. I will never complain about Brisbane airport again. (Except you know that I will, next time I fly Singapore or something)

- The city looks amazing, though, from the air at dawn.

- Planes are really amazing. Wonderful. Marvellous. They can fly.

- Seriously, Taipei airport is really shit. I'm sure it's a great place to visit, but I am not looking forward to my 8 hour layover when I head home.

- Asians are the worst travellers.

- My moisturiser exploded from the cabin pressure :(

- I like that airports are minimally heated. It probably saves some energy, and it makes the cold weather outside less of a shock.

- China Airlines, shoddy food. I'm not kidding, guys, avoid this airline/airport if possible. I mean, it's not like cockroach-in-the-gruel bad, they're just basic bitches, if you'll excuse my ONTD expression, but for the price they charge, you're better off flying something superior.

In non-flying related news, I can't believe I didn't bring any Tim Tams with me. In fact, I've never bought any Tim Tams witgh me to China before. Maybe subconsciously I think they're not needed with the volume and variety of snacks available there. Idk man, everyone needs to experience black forest Tim Tams at least once in their lives.

So China is just as I remember it. Freezing, ofc, but I'm wearing thermals, and several layers of them. The grandparents are doing well - grandmum is headed home from the hospital tomorrow afternoon, and granddad's sugery has been postponed yet again, but he looked really great (well, for a bloke with a broken leg) when I visited him today, so ♥

Keep calm and carry on!


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